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A 64 year old man Trinidad Shanghai chase wife not actually murder has long been the implementation of domestic violence "village people have asked where my wife, feel very embarrassed." The 64 year old Henan cattle farmers embarked on a train to Shanghai, looking for he beat his wife. Just a day not to be his wife Zhang natural cuff and kick, with her husband refused to go home. The enraged ox raised a knife on the pork stall and cut several knives at his wife’s face. Yesterday, the first intermediate people’s Court of Shanghai heard the case, the prosecution on suspicion of intentional homicide of the suspect, a cattle prosecution. Niu and his wife from Henan have been married for more than 30 years, the couple is very emotional, Zhang unbearable cattle serious domestic violence, in 2012 to leave home to live in Shanghai daughter. His wife ran away from home, let the cow feel humiliated, he had to ask his wife where children are turned back in March 2016, a cow found the son of a reading card, writing above Shanghai Fengxian group four Town address, a wife or a personal guess cattle in Shanghai, then in March 17th take the train to Shanghai to find his wife. At 11 o’clock in March 20th, Niu found Zhang in the four regiment of Fengxian, and proposed that his wife would go home with him. Zhang did not want to, and said to go to the market to buy food, cattle will follow them to go together. In a pool of strawberry, Zhang ready to buy strawberries, a cow is for her payment, Zhang hurried to a nearby acquaintance of pork stalls, the meat and the boss said a few words, he sat into the shop. The meat boss mentioned in his testimony, Zhang was in his house upstairs neighbor, on the day she said he was trailing into the store, to avoid the limelight. "I want to buy strawberries that I just bought. She doesn’t let me eat them.". I paid for it, and my wife said she could afford it too. I think she is not reasonable, she said to be hacked, she said you cut." Listening to these words, a cow will take up the meat on the chopping block cut bone knife to cut off the face of zhang. According to witnesses, at that time, a cattle left hand press Zhang head, make his face up, the right hand to the knife against the face of Zhang cut several knives. Ran out after a cow and back again, picked up the meat knife to Zhang is a kuangkan. Finally, the victim Zhang died through the hospital, after identification, Zhang was killed by other people with sharp instruments cut the face, neck and other places caused by left internal jugular vein rupture and hemorrhagic shock and death. On the same day, Niu was arrested by the public security organs on the way to escape. In the court, the prosecutor questioned why a cow was killed, and Niu said, "my wife ran away from home years ago, and I think she was having an affair outside. When I picked up the knife, I thought about it before she had a problem of style at home and cut it down." When the prosecutor questioned what he had, Niu said, "there’s a record of her phone conversations with someone else."." According to the testimony of a daughter of a cow, the father, Niu, has been carrying out serious domestic violence to his mother for a long time. According to the relevant medical institutions issued by the surgical material to prove, Niu Mou also had unborn child killed in Zhang’s belly. In the trial, a cow confessed to intentional homicide, but he did not admit that his wife for a long time to implement domestic violence. One in Shanghai, the court will choose a verdict on the case. ()

64岁男子千里来沪追妻不成竟杀人 曾长期实施家暴 “村里人都问我老婆去哪儿了,觉得很没面子。”64岁的河南农民牛某踏上来沪火车,寻找被他打跑了的妻子。刚过上不被拳打脚踢的日子,妻子张某自然拒绝跟丈夫回家。被激怒的牛某举起猪肉摊上的砍骨刀朝着妻子脸上砍了数刀。昨天,上海市第一中级人民法院开庭审理了此案,检察机关以涉嫌故意杀人罪对犯罪嫌疑人牛某提起公诉。来自河南的牛某和妻子张某已结婚30多年,夫妻感情非常紧张,张某不堪忍受牛某长期严重的家庭暴力,于2012年离家投奔在上海生活的女儿。妻子离家出走,让牛某感到很没面子,他曾想打听妻子身处何处,却被儿女挡了回来2016年3月,牛某找到了儿子的一张读书证,上面写着上海奉贤四团镇的地址,牛某猜想妻子或许身处上海,便于3月17日乘坐火车赶来上海寻妻。3月20日11时许,牛某在奉贤四团镇找到了张某,提出希望妻子跟他回家。张某不愿意,并表示要去集贸市场买菜,牛某便尾随其一起前往。在一家草莓摊,张某准备买草莓,牛某正替她付款时,张某匆匆跑到附近一家相识的猪肉摊位,和肉摊老板说了几句话,便坐进了店里。肉摊老板在证词中提到,张某是住在他家楼上的邻居,事发当日她称自己被人尾随,想要进店避避风头。“我想吃刚买的草莓,她不让我吃。这是我掏钱买的,我老婆说她也能买得起。我觉得她不讲理,说要砍死她,她就说你砍吧。”听完这句话,牛某便抄起了肉摊砧板上的砍骨刀向张某面部砍去。据目击证人透露,当时牛某左手摁住张某头部使其脸部朝上,右手用力将砍刀对着张某的脸部砍了数刀。跑出去后,牛某又折返回来,再次拿起肉摊上的菜刀对着张某又是一顿狂砍。最终,被害人张某经医院抢救无效死亡,经鉴定,张某系生前被他人用锐器砍切面部、颈部等处造成左颈内静脉破裂等致失血性休克而死亡。同日,牛某在逃跑途中被公安机关抓获。在法庭上,公诉人讯问牛某为何要致妻子于死地,牛某说:“我老婆多年前离家出走,我认为她在外面有外遇。我拿起刀的时候,想到她之前在家里有作风问题,就砍了下去。”可当公诉人质疑他有何证据时,牛某称“她手机里有和其他人的通话记录。”据牛某的女儿证词,父亲牛某长期对母亲实施严重的家庭暴力。根据相关医疗机构出具的手术材料证明,牛某还曾将未出生的孩子打死在张某的腹中。在庭审中,牛某对故意杀人罪行供认不讳,但他并不承认自己对妻子长期实施家庭暴力。上海一中法院将择日对案件做出判决。》》》知了全民创作 盛典亿元投资等你来拿》》》今日推荐:21省份公布上调养老金 快来看看你能领多少停车难成热议焦点 市住建委:鼓励挖潜增建停车位“宜家限令”初现效果:环境改观 未现4元面包蹭坐起重机吊车刹车失灵 吊钩砸穿轿车后挡风玻璃男子坐地铁逃票 站务人员和热心群众追其50米》》》视频:奔驰vs保时捷上海街头飙车 表演生死时速 江苏:女友另觅新欢 男子杀人分尸 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: