A couple in Tumen into the mountains mushrooms lost the fighting 3 hours of search and rescue-mmc.exe

A couple in Tumen into the mountains mushrooms lost for 3 hours of search and rescue police recently, the Tumen Municipal Public Security Bureau may clear the border quickly out of the police station, successfully rescued two people deep in the mountains because of mushrooms lost people. The day before the police station duty police received a telephone report, the report said he and his wife in the mountains mushrooms have lost up to 5 hours, can not find the way back. The phone, not a sound report man tears, he can only provide the location and direction of their departure, now where I don’t know, just know it now is located near a hill, surrounded by woods, the situation is not clear, the man’s mobile phone no electricity. After the day on duty leadership to understand the situation, the rapid organization of all personnel within the army, the soldiers search and rescue the lost people. Among them, a group of police officers rushed to the place of departure, to carry out search and rescue, another group of police officers to expand the rescue range in the vicinity of the hill one by one, and the mobilization of forest related personnel involved in the rescue. Through three hours of continuous fighting, the police found two people lost contact for 8 hours at the top of a mountain and finally rescued carefully to appease the mood of the masses, and their safety escort home.相关的主题文章: