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UnCategorized I live by this: "If you can’t understand something, go back to the beginning, and you will start receiving revelation." For Bible Christianity, our beginning was The Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree. It’s called Adam and Eve sinning against God, or original sin. But what was this forbidden tree, and this original sin? Does it have anything to do with us today? There were two trees in the Garden: (1) The Tree of Life, which was free to man, and (2) The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which was forbidden. The Tree of Life represented life with God and fellowship with God. We’re told Adam and Eve walked and talked with God, and that they were made in the image of God himself. But they decided they didn’t believe God when he said they were in his image, and they were tempted to become more like God. Satan said to Eve: "You shall be like God" (Gen 3:5). Their sin was unbelief in that they didn’t believe they were like God, and also they wanted independence, or the ability to become like God on their own and without God’s help. The forbidden tree was called The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was forbidden because it took their eyes off God when they chose to eat from it, and began looking at themselves – and judging things as being either good or bad. The law of God given by Moses 2,000 years later defined good and bad infinitum, and in hundreds of ways. We do the same thing today Adam and Eve did. Our focus is not connecting with God (The Tree of Life), as it is good vs. bad (The Tree of Knowledge). We look at our behavior by means of this tree, and not at our belief in the truth of what God says (The Tree of Life). Today, in our better New Covenant with God we are given the GOSPEL. It tells us all about the Kingdom of God, and all the free things that are ours. We even have the Holy Spirit to show us if we miss anything (I Cor 2:12). Today, we Christians are even put in a better position than Adam and Eve were. They were made in the IMAGE of God, but we are told in John 17, Ephesians, and elsewhere that we are ONE with God. We are a unity with him, and we have the Holy Spirit to tells us all the benefits of Jesus and his finished work on the cross for us. It is really important for us to understand how much better the New Covenant is today than the Old was before the cross of Christ. The Old demanded from us, but the New gives us all the good things of God – his love, righteousness, grace, peace, joy, goodness, favor, mercy, blessings, promises, etc. This is all revealed to us by the GOSPEL, which has become like The Tree of Life today. It takes our eyes off ourselves and puts them back on God. The Old Covenant was founded on behavior, but the New is founded on belief. Jesus’ very first sermon was, "Repent and believe the gospel." God knows that good behavior will never produce correct belief, but that correct belief will eventually produce good behavior. Most preachers today preach from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. They preach all the good things we should do, and all the bad things we shouldn’t do. Studies show the church is very principle and precept focused. We live by rote: by rules, formulas and methodologies. It’s preached: "Go and try these three things this week. If they don’t work, come back next week and I’ll give you three things more to try." A frequent sermon is some form of "How To Be More Like God" – the same sermon the snake preached to Eve. Today Satan uses pulpits, not snakes. The Tree of Knowledge is still forbidden today. When we start eating from The Tree of Life (the New Covenant gospel), we become empowered in the things of God. We experience God’s presence and power in everything we do. When we eat from The Tree of Knowledge, or listen to it preached, all we have to work with is human flesh, wisdom and ingenuity. It’s a poor way to live. About the Author: The gospel of God is amazing, but we must live it. As The Gospel Coach, I help in this by (1) these GOSPEL SNAPSHOTS, (2) more comprehensive GOSPEL TIPS that I email, and (3) my e-books called GOSPEL COACHING SESSIONS. Visit ..TheGospelCoach.. and sign up. God’s gospel is free! Religion demands that we live life right, but the gospel is God’s power in us that enables us to live right. The gospel empowers us to live life better by accident than we ever could on purpose. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: