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Book-Marketing James Christopher Frey an American writer started his writing career which he started while staying at Art Institute of Chicago. After finishing his studies he moved to Los Angeles and worked as screen writer, director and producer. He started his work on A Million pieces in the spring of 1996 and poured his experience how he was diagnosed from alcohol and drug addiction at a rehabilitation in Minnesota. The book has taken a shape of memoir and is semi fiction in nature. A prolific writer has also produced its works like My Friend Leonard, and a fictional one Bright Shiny Morning. He shares the experiences of a 23 year old alcoholic and drug abuser coping with rehabilitation at a treatment center. The book on the one side became the bestseller and on the other side plot became controversial as it describes untrue facts. This book is published by Doubleday Books which is a division of Random House. It topped the New York Times Best seller list and fallen to number four Cheap Children Books . It is a story of a badly tattered boy James met his parents at the airport who take him to a rehabilitation clinic. A 23 year old boy is deeply alcoholic for ten years is also wanted by the police of three different states on several charges. There is a transition in his life. He goes under root canals without anesthesia because doctor thinks of any negative reaction to the drugs. The pain is so high that he squeezes the tennis ball to relive from it till his nails crack. In there period of staying at the center he meets many interesting people in the clinic. He starts a relationship and has influenced deeply by some to them who has played important role in his life during stay at the rehabilitation center and outside the world of clinic can bulk Cheap Books online too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: