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A captain Guo Sichuan readme: keep the inner self persistent life firm sina sports cold eyes in the Pacific Ocean, China navigator Guo Sichuan still without hearing a word about. After the two year anniversary of the completion of the uninterrupted voyage of the solo voyage of the world, sina sports captain Guo Chuan Chuan, to feel his life, his love for navigation. Guo Chuan readme: the life of the three-dimensional and colorful today is the day I completed the uninterrupted voyage of the world’s two anniversary. After I landed, I received a lot of media interviews. They all ask me the same question, why do you have to make such a challenge?. Although most people admire me for what I do, there will be people who don’t understand my adventures and think I am too self. If I were a Frenchman or an Englishman, I wouldn’t have had such a problem, and more people might be interested in the details of how I could do that. In fact, the reason why you do it, how you do it, the question is different from the point of view, but the distance between ideas is a gap of a few decades. In the past 20 years, we in the material progress is amazing, but the pursuit of spirit seems to be lost and confused. In May 10, 2013, the United States is San Francisco to participate in the America’s cup of the Swedish fleet training ATMIS accident boat capsized, the Beijing Olympic Sailing champion British star Andrew · Simpson died. 36 year old Simpson is the winner of the Olympic medals, in addition to the Beijing Olympic gold medal, he also won a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympic Games in. International Olympic Committee chairman Roger had represented Belgium participated in the Olympic sailing competition, he said in a statement: "Simpson is a very successful sailing athletes and Olympic athletes, he died in the sailing of passion in the pursuit of." Independent thinking, the spirit of freedom, is always a realm of my pursuit. From my resume, I with the ordinary people’s ideas and not what is different: Beihang University aircraft control professional master degree, I have my own academic pursuits; attended Peking University Guanghua School of management, I have jumped to the occupation managers’ occupation planning. If it weren’t for sailing, maybe in my resume, I would write the title of general manager, chief executive officer and so on. I have been living in France for the last few years. Every day to eat things are stereotyped, my team came to France to see my training, very surprised. And I can’t feel the pain. Because I really enjoy the process, this is what I like to do, full of feeling. Some people say Chinese conservative, what age do what I have over the age of 40, seems to be too observant of conventional standards. But in my opinion, life should not be one from narrow to wide, from fast to slow rivers, should be more like a rushing stream in between high mountains and lofty hills, sometimes nearly exhausted, sometimes in Yixieqianli, you do not know in the next corner of what will happen when the scenery and life story, the stereo colorful)相关的主题文章: