A wonderful man eat King meal too arrogant to let the shopkeeper alarm lightscape

A wonderful man eat King meal let the shopkeeper also arrogant man is receiving alarm involved in Yubei police investigation Hualong network September 27th 15:10 news (reporter correspondent Xie Pengfei Huo Feng) recently, Chongqing Yubei District Public Security Bureau received a public warning, in a fish house to the Shuangfeng road with a wonderful customer, not only to eat meals overlord also let the shopkeeper arrogant alarm. According to the police said, the day came to the shop about 40 middle-aged man, a point of the pot of fish, 4 bottles of beer, but also a pack of 2 cigarettes. A person is leisurely, after the dinner called the waiter, next to the customer said to the waiter. "I don’t have any money on me, you see!" The man carelessly said. The waiter immediately called the boss. The boss came, I saw the man an alcohol to sit on the seat, arms still holding a bag at the rest of the smoke, not ready to leave, you get a pair of I have no way. "I said, I don’t have any money, or you’ll call the police." Listen to the boss, people really think that this is a rogue, most people want to eat the waiter disarray away, this man not only afraid also offered the boss alarm, immediately took out mobile phone call 110. Upon seeing the man stood up and walk around in the store, more arrogant, not only disturbs other customers dining, also loudly, while drinking, smoking for a while, the boss because he made other excesses, not only would persuade. Yubei District Public Security Bureau police station two police received the alarm call, immediately rushed to the scene, the man had to stop the behavior, restore the normal dining restaurant in order to understand the situation, the police asked the man to pay for the meal, the man said: "I really have no money, no money is not give." Then the police to verify the identity of the man, the man was found to be the public security organs of the key management personnel, it is likely to be poisoned, then the police will bring back two police stations. Police brought the man back to the police station, the man made a drug urine test, the results were positive, then the police in accordance with the law of the man sentenced to community detoxification. For the men to eat meals overlord ", the police were criticized, the man gradually generated remorse, later decided to find relatives and friends to borrow money to pay for the meal, and go out and find work on their own, will not eat meals overlord. Yubei police remind businesses, the peak of the meal period should be vigilant, always observe the store customers, such as the discovery of King meal to eat or eat "waiter" customers to deal with such incidents properly in the protection of their own and other customer safety case. Can be patient persuasion, if the customer does not listen to the police to be decisive, to the police for help, if necessary, to the court proceedings to safeguard their legitimate rights.相关的主题文章: