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Home-Improvement In the past few years, there has been an increasing need for solar panels installation in homes. The solar panels are built of photovoltaic cells which converts the sun energy in electrical energy. This electrical energy can be used for heating purposes as well as to power the electrical devices. The best part about these panels is that the energy generated from them can be transmitted directly to the electrical appliances or can be stored in the battery for future use. The installation of the solar panels is considered to be a difficult task. However, it can be achieved easily with electrical knowledge and proper assembly. The installation cost of the solar panels depends largely on the panel system used. Generally, a single solar panels cost is about $900. The single panels can generate approximately 75 watts of energy. While the energy efficient panel which can produce 2 kilowatts of energy can cost you from $16000 to $20000 and 5 KW systems can be purchased in $30000 to $40000. Do not worry about the solar panels cost because once they are installed in your home, you will certainly have their benefits in the long run. The solar panels are mostly installed on the rooftops of the houses. The panel should be angled in such a way that it receives maximum sunlight on it. It is important to note that solar panel produces the energy in maximum capacity only when it is positioned facing the sun. Thus, the position of the solar panel is very important. Also, you must eliminate all the hurdles which can block the sunlight; else your panel will work ineffectively. Depending on the needs and requirements, the panel must be tilted slightly in order to get the maximum amount of sunlight. There are various benefits associated with the solar panel installation. It is both user and environment friendly. The best part about the solar panel is that it does not make use of fuel to produce the energy. In addition, it does not release any harmful pollutant in the environment. These systems are very easy to use and require hardly any maintenance. One of the major benefits of these solar panels is that they enable you to offset the energy costs, thus you can save your electricity bills. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: