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Air conditioning industry competitive high-end, Hisense sports marketing "champion" why? – home appliance — four years session of Olympic Games has been dormant, but Hisense in the air conditioning industry’s first sports marketing heat is not reduced. It is reported that, based on the technical innovation of Hisense is "out of speed, full frequency along the" market strategic force in the high-end circuit, inverter air conditioner power to further popularize boutique sports marketing a higher technological content, better comfort, 2017 new cold start after a new round of industrial restructuring and product upgrading, competition is accelerating. Hisense air conditioning products series, leading high-end market experienced in 2016 the rare large range and long time high temperature weather after the air conditioning industry gradually out of the "high inventory" and "price war" shadow, the air conditioning enterprise market competition in the high-end hot air conditioning gradually shifts to the high energy efficiency and high technology. According to the PRC, monitoring data show that in July the share of inverter air conditioner this year exceeded 70%, reaching a record high of nearly two years; grade one and grade two, high efficiency products proportion has reached 47.9%, an increase of 10 percentage points; the largest share of intelligent air-conditioning aspect has exceeded 15%, achieve double growth. In the high-end sports match point, Hisense in the years of continuous shot extraordinary success has attracted billions of people around the world concern: the July European Cup event, Hisense as the world’s top ten sponsors sounded China first to the global peak chongfenghao; August Olympic war, carrying the National Gymnastics Team in the hands of the impact of the world arena, and synchronous detonation CCTV1, CCTV5, CCTV5+ and other brands overall positions, consolidate and expand the brand influence in the world. At the same time, Hisense sponsored by the European Cup, Chinese national gymnastics team and other world’s top sports in the air conditioning industry for the first time off the sports marketing has repeatedly been detonated, Suning, Gome, the Jingdong and other different market channels of the corresponding collective, "feast", "I look at the world" "power gymnastics team" market to promote the momentary limelight without the two, precision won the high-end air-conditioning market competition lead. Hisense air sports marketing limelight Masamori according to the PRC, monitoring data show that the overall demand in the industry slump, in the case of weak growth, Hisense air-conditioning achieved continuous steady growth for four months, to achieve contrarian growth of 5.3%. Among them, Hisense inverter air conditioner retail sales growth of up to 14.07%, is the industry average growth rate of four times, the current inverter air conditioning sales in the Hisense system has reached a total of 90%. By changing the frequency of air conditioning to enhance the pull, Hisense energy efficient air conditioning sales accounted for more than 60%, exceeding the industry average of 15 percentage points. Industry experts pointed out that this year the two events were found in summer, is also the most popular node for air conditioning products, inverter air conditioner has continued to increase by pulling, Hisense air-conditioning has successfully established a new dynamic trend growth, the intelligent variable frequency air conditioner market set off a series of fine industry value competition boom. At present, sports marketing is a shortcut to Chinese brand towards the high-end market, while Hisense sports marketing can "champion" the core driving force cannot do without innovation of variable frequency air conditioning technology and products).相关的主题文章: