As you read the first Chinese reading Cup National Championship finals ending – Beijing mmhouse

"As you read the first Chinese reading" Cup National Championship finals ending – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, "as you read" the first Chinese cup Reading Contest National Finals and awards ceremony on 27 -28 days in Chinese modern literature museum. After intense competition and fierce competition, Zhao Jiaqi won the first Chinese adult reading contest champion, the first Chinese dialect reading contest champion from Jiang Xiaoliang won. The first "Chinese reading contest" the competition is very active, a total of more than 58000 players set in "as you read" client software online qualifier, finally more than 200 players get to participate in the national finals. The contest is divided into adult group and adolescent group, family group, dialect group competition in the world has established a total of 4 international and 34 domestic division division. The contest will be awarded a prize 3, two prize 6, third-prize 9, 8 individual awards, winning 100 awards, was also awarded the first ten reading, reading the first ten rookie star, the first ten dialect artists such as the honorary title of reading. This competition by the Chinese Reading Association, Chinese Committee of the next generation, Chinese children’s foundation, Gehua Media Group Co sponsored by the Beijing Cultural Development Co. Ltd., read "for your reading" client host. "As you read" client editor, director of the Organizing Committee of the Chinese reading Xiang Jianxin served as judges of the total finals; Liao Jing, actor Zhang Guangbei, Zheng Zheng read, artist Yu Tongyun, host Wang Xudong, true, pleasant, sound language educator Wang Haiyan, Li Li, Zhang Linger, Gao poet as judges. In addition, in order to match the fairness of the contest at the beginning of each game, only by the contest host announced the list of judges on the spot, to prevent early communication between players and judges. The contest also set up a "director of trial" jobs, accept the players question and to report on the result of the match, and the judges score to supervise the work, appoint judges to make reasonable explanation for his hit score. Xiang Jianxin, head of the contest, as a way of reading aloud, reading the national strategy is an important force for the building. Reading is not only a powerful practitioner and promoter of the national reading, but also a national cultural ecological system of the restoration of traditional Chinese culture, the promotion of cultural exchanges between the Chinese and foreign envoys." Xiang Jianxin said, this competition is full of positive energy, the promotion of culture is very obvious, there is a refreshing ‘dialect reading contest’. "Dialects can not only effectively broaden the reading" reading object, effectively promote universal reading, but also with nostalgia to accent the way to retain nostalgia. "Dialect reading" is an interesting and effective and meaningful "remember nostalgia" cultural inheritance model". He stressed that in order to further enhance the popularity and development, reading art, exploring the language of art talents, improve the language level of art appreciation, must develop revolutionary reading team, based on the traditional horizontal to Mandarin reading, reading effectively encourage artists, enthusiasts with native language (dialect), minority language and national language reading;.相关的主题文章: