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Babies-Toddler Baby means care and a lot of it. It is important for the modern day parent to not just know the various kinds of baby care products but also the range available and choosing the right product for the child. It could be something like choosing the right kind of baby diapers. There are a number of brands in the market offering different kinds of baby care products such as Pampers, Huggies, Mamy Poko Pants amongst several others in the category of baby diapers. According to trade reports, the Indian baby diapers market is pegged at INR 80 crore per annum approximately. One look at the UN statistics for India tells that every year 24 million babies are born. Assuming correctly that 25% of these infants in the period between birth and 24 months use at least 28 diapers a week, the diaper market in paper would be 8.7 billion pieces per year. It is estimated that the diaper market would grow at a rate of around 5 – 10% in the .ing years. Three brands dominate the Indian baby diapers market today. Huggies is the biggest and most .mon brand name in the baby diapers segment considering the big investment in promotions by the .pany. There is a product line called Nappi pads priced far below the diapers price. Pampers happens to be the next most popular brand in the baby diapers segment. Launched by Procter and Gamble, Pampers diapers are focused towards providing value for money to the customers by providing high quality latest diapers at affordable prices. Godrejs brand Snuggy happens to be the third dominant player in the baby diaper segment. The diapers sold under this brand are imported from a China based manufacturer. Other .panies that have entered the Indian market are Wipro, People and Gratt, and, Mamy Poko pant style diapers among several others. One such .pany is Libero that is offering diapers like premium open diapers, wet wipes, pant style diapers, and several other options. There are quite a large number of Baby Care Products . such as baby shower invitations and pushchairs for sale available in the market. The ideal thing to do is to choose the most appropriate products for the baby. In case the consumers wish to go for products that are of a well known brand, they should ensure the richness of the quality before buying any item. The baby dresses are now a days available in each and every size with very good brands but before selecting the same, parents need to take care of the kids skin as it is very soft. The baby care market in India is valued at Rs 590 crore and is expected to reach Rs 1,092 crore by 2012. This market consists of baby hair and skin care products, toiletries and diapers. All babies want and need is care, attention and love. An important thing as a parent is to select the best baby care products available considering it plays an important role for the holistic development of the baby. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: