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Barcelona lost the 8 deadly sins: in half – Sohu (Sohu MSN sports sports exclusive product without permission is forbidden) the fourth round of the Champions League group phase, Barcelona guest Edie Harder stadium 1-3 Manchester reversal, played five game winning streak snapped, ahead of qualifying pace is slow. The reason why Barcelona lost to Manchester City, more from their own mistakes, such as Roberto’s passing errors, etc.. In Barcelona defeated Manchester, the Spanish media "daily sports newspaper" after the game analysis, list the red and blue army lost eight sins, let Messi and other players to reflect on. Too many 1 errors in case of emergency, Barcelona lost the ball, lost a total of 78 times, the city lost 66 times, after the lost 49 times, Manchester City lost 43 times. These passes, including some in the most important areas, such as the ball Roberto, finally let gundogan equaliser. Manchester City 2-1 reversal score free kick, derived from Busquets’s mistakes. 2 in the game, Guardiola said that the war against Barcelona so high level of competition, there is no time to waste. So, to the end of the game, not slack, so Barcelona expensive, at the end of the first half of inattention to Manchester City at the beginning of the second half equaliser, lost the second inattention. 3 teershite needs to do a better job of teershite is a very good control of the ball at the foot of the goalkeeper, excellent technology, many times to resolve the city pressure. But honestly, de Blau Hei free kick link, teershite should need to do better. 4 flank defense lacks the sense of presence both D -, or Roberto, two players attack range is very large, the defensive side pressure, seize the opportunity to play Manchester several gap behind them, each attack threat to teershite. 5 rare lack of possession of the ball missing Peake and, Barcelona gave the opponent too much time to control the ball, rare only 40%, Manchester City to get an amazing rate of possession of the ball. Few teams to Barcelona forced so embarrassed, Guardiola Manchester did, blue moon won the ball more, means there are more opportunities to create. The final 6 poor although the second half of the game into the city rhythm, and Barcelona is very passive, but not break opportunity, if we can hold, then Barcelona will not lose the game. In particular, Andre – Gomes, thirty-fifth minutes and sixty-fifth minutes failed to seize the opportunity of the two. 7 MSN in the second half of the stealth particularly in the second half, MSN completely invisible, Barcelona most needed them to stand up at the Etihad stadium to Messi, Neymar and Suarez, three players completed a total of 6 shots, including 3 exclusive Messi. 8 Enrique didn’t play the game, not only did Manchester City win Barcelona, or Guardiola won the game, but it was not until the end of the game that the team won the game in the first place, and then the other side of the game was to win the game for the first time. After de Blau Hei and Silva swap positions, BA)相关的主题文章: