Barcelona Spain perfect 1 hours to suppress the risk of revenge in Italy, 0 (video)-kimi wo omou melodi

Barcelona Spain perfect 1 hours suppress Italy 0 shot revenge [collection] one hour insurance Italy 1-1 Spain Buffon De Rossi equalised before the failure of Spain, Italy beat defenseless Tencent sports news October 7th at Italy, Spain played a perfect match hour, let the home team even shot can not find. Unfortunately, cop-out, failed to rival home qinxia rival, reported to be eliminated for the European cup. Lopez Terje followed Aracones and Bosco era play, even more ball than Bosco, the Spanish game most of the time is not 433, but one of the 4312 routines, Silva is nominally a winger, is before the free market, constantly on the left in the right away the ball, and the right of Kirk, left Iniesta (data form) short network and midfielder Busquets, Diego Costa and the arrow to support the attack both the right and the left winger Vitolo turns to assault. Spain bianzhao, let the Italians can not adapt to the first half of the opening, visitors will take the initiative, once the ball rate is as high as 80%, two midfield maestro Silva and Iniesta continuous transmission, Silva had 4 people, to enjoy the beauty of the fans. When the referee Bruch blew the whistle at the end of the first half, the possession rate is as high as 72%, shot 7 to 0, 9 corner ratio 0, not only let the kicker even once, and in Italy the ball 227 times in only 2 times in the area, some impatient Italy fans have been booed four. Vitolo’s goal is by chance, a gift of Buffon mistakes, but one hour before the Spanish scene unprecedented advantage, the goal is ripe, and Italy until 57 minutes from Shandong Luneng center Pelle head barely completed head shots. But to suppress home court operations in Italy, 90 minutes, it is very difficult for Ventura, yinmobilai to advance on the ground, Baker Loti changed three striker front pressure, ease half suddenly after Spain tempo tone, Iniesta could not easily control Silva in the backcourt pass, cut the matador Legion tight situation the last 30 minutes, the 6 rivals shot and tied. To draw away Italy, Spain is the favorable results, after all, home court battle will certainly larger, and the team currently has 6 goal difference (8 vs 2), directly compete for top the group qualify, a bright future. The Italian Army coach Ventura admitted after the game, "we reached the goal, but Spain is a hot top the group." However, not revenge Italy, a Spaniard or regret, after all, the opening is so perfect. Since the 2012 European Cup final against Italy, the Red Army 2 flat 1 negative, accounting for less than cheap, the European Cup was eliminated, a direct result of the team from the coach to the players change dynasties, big shake. The one hour before the Spanish completely suppress enemies, indeed let people see the old three intercontinental contest three consecutive at the peak, and even Guardiola’s Barcelona (official data) dream three shadow, but the final draw, also proved that the matador Legion would return to the peak, there is a long way to go. (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: