Barclays Capital Dollar shock finishing Europe or the United States will

Barclays Capital: Dollar shock finishing Europe or the United States will uplink global currency February 22nd hearing – capital (Barclays Capital) on Monday (February 22nd) writing on the dollar and the euro trend and key data analysis. The dollar will shock the data, the line pointed out that in mid January hit several years after the high, the dollar due to the normalization of monetary policy is expected to postpone the decline, while rising wages and inflation is still elastic, which constitutes a certain support for the dollar. ‘s core PCE price will be announced on Friday, with an expected monthly growth rate of 0.2%, an annual increase of 1.5%. In addition, the U.S. consumer spending is expected to be strong, the monthly rate will rise by 0.4%. The United States announced on Friday the GDP quarter rate may be revised from 0.7% to 0.3%, Thursday’s durable goods orders rose to 0.7% month rate of core or official speech, the bank said, fed vice chairman Fisher on Tuesday will be published on monetary policy speech, after the question and answer session. Fisher is expected to leave the possibility of raising interest rates in March, but the possibility is still low. The bank believes that although the global economy does have risks, the asymmetry of the dollar’s short-term interest rate curve will constitute a medium-term support for the dollar. Don’t think the dollar will have a directional market, but at least it will shake up in the next few weeks. (global economy, U.S. inflation and the Fed’s interest rate rise: Barclays Capital) Europe and the United States will moderate upward, the line believes that the euro area’s major kinetic energy continues to moderate performance. The outcome of the EU conference has been good in maintaining organizational integrity, which may bring some action to the euro dollar at the beginning of the week. In terms of key data, the euro zone manufacturing PMI, which was announced on Monday, was expected to be 51.9, with the market expected to be 52. Services PMI, the line is expected to be 53.5, the market is expected to be 53.4. PMI data in the euro zone may show a decline in manufacturing dynamics, but the service sector is expected to remain stable. The bank also said it expects Germany’s February IFO to drop to 106 on Tuesday, with a market forecast of 106.9 and a previous value of 107.3; the data will show weak recent industrial output in germany. The euro zone January reconciliation CPI and core reconciliation CPI are expected to be at an annual rate of +0.4% and an annual rate of 1%, respectively, on Thursday. (Euro dollar daily chart) global currency market center shows, Beijing time 13:28, the dollar index was 96.82, Euro dollar 1.110908. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

巴克莱资本:美元震荡整理 欧 美或将上行   环球外汇2月22日讯–巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)周一(2月22日)撰文就美元及欧元的走势及关键数据进行分析。   美元将震荡交投   数据方面,该行指出,在1月中旬触及数年高位后,美元因货币政策正常化预期延后而走低,而薪资上升及通胀仍具弹性,这对美元构成一定支撑。本周五将公布美国1月核心PCE物价,预计月率上升0.2%,年率上升1.5%。此外美国个人消费支出预计将持强,月率将上升0.4%。周五公布的美国GDP季率或许会从0.7%修正至0.3%,周四公布的耐用品订单核心月率或升至0.7%   官员讲话,该行表示,美联储副主席费希尔周二将发表有关货币政策的讲话,之后有问答环节。预计费希尔会为3月升息留下可能性,但可能性仍处于低位。   该行认为,虽然全球经济的确存在风险,但美元短期利率曲线的非对称性将对美元构成中期支撑。不认为美元会出现有指向性的行情,但至少会在未来几周震荡整理。      (全球经济、美国通胀与美联储升息 来源:巴克莱资本)   欧 美将温和上行   该行认为,欧元区主要动能持续温和表现。欧盟会议的结果在保持组织完整性方面出现利好,这或许会在周初为欧元 美元带来部分上行动能。   关键数据方面,周一公布的欧元区制造业PMI,该行的预期是51.9,市场的预期是52.0。服务业PMI,该行的预期是53.5,市场的预期为53.4。欧元区PMI数据可能显示制造业动能下降,不过预期服务业仍保持稳定。   该行同时表示,预计周二公布的德国2月IFO可能降至106.0,市场预期为106.9,前值为107.3;该数据将显示德国工业产出近期偏弱。预计周四公布的欧元区1月调和CPI和核心调和CPI分别为年率+0.4%和年率 1.0%。      (欧元 美元日线图)   环球外汇行情中心显示,北京时间13:28,美元指数报96.82,欧元 美元报1.1109 08。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: