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Beijing Dongzhimen city a leakage of natural gas from false alarm false delicacy – Beijing natural gas leak alarm alarm lead Dongzhimen transportation hub west 2 off 3 hours someone’s delicacy city to suspend business Beijing morning news site yesterday (reporter Tian Jiexiong) some people said, yesterday morning Dongzhimen traffic hub in the northwest corner of the city, resplendent with variegated coloration delicacy natural gas leakage, fire engines to the scene, the transportation hub of the West in 2 so close nearly 3 hours. Yesterday morning at 11 am, the blockade lifted the area. For this, the city delicacy management said that the so-called "natural gas leakage" is actually a false alarm, traffic hub control personnel mistake regular exhaust liquefied gas tank leak as reported to the police. 11 yesterday morning, Dongzhimen traffic hub southwest side of the small square line was taken down on the ground, leaving only a few traces of water at. Is "natural gas leakage" of the city closed the door is still resplendent with variegated coloration delicacy, on duty at the gate of the city was called security, delicacy refers to "natural gas leakage" to suspend business, but it is not clear what exactly happened. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporter linked to the city of delicacy management personnel, the other said, the city has not delicacy gas leakage occurred, the morning thing is a false alarm. Who is responsible for the "alarm station security companies control the entire Dongzhimen transport hub staff, he entered the city the morning delicacy detection, just hit the safety valve of liquefied gas tank in automatic exhaust, mistaking the gas leak, so alarm." Management said that the current food city after the relevant departments to detect the investigation, to determine the existence of any security problems. Subsequently, the reporter also confirmed from the fire department, the alarm is indeed false positives. Reporters learned from the Dongzhimen traffic hub and its connection with the Metro Line 13 staff, traffic accident during the accident was not affected.相关的主题文章: