Blue Dog 2 return to your youth to be the second time to feed the dog (video)

"Blue Dog 2" return to your youth will be second times to feed the dog "youth dog 2: not the same fireworks" Pilot Trailer entertainment Tencent ended, Duncan retired in the Champions League, the Rio Olympic Games ended, a large network won the best film award in 2016 fourth Vancouver Chinese Film Festival "red maple leaf" award named "youth dog 2: network movie is not like fireworks" is in the video exclusive release of Tencent. This is a sports theme of the youth drama, is a major change in the network after the film was fired hot. The industry believes that the long-term terrorist, sex, violence, the occupation of the subject of the subject of the network platform, called the theme of Sports Youth Drama return". In the past few years, since the "Youth" "in those years, we were chasing the girl" in the market lifted a great disturbance after all in the youth idol drama, Xiao Yue and her team also filmed "youth dog" of the teen drama, but the film in the country. The youth drama is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, in recent years the rise of network literature "and" boom, a summer vacation to young people turn on the TV to open the computer, often get together, Gong Dou, costume fantasy". Some people think that the "sports theme" "campus theme" not selling content as costume drama, spy war drama as "arrests", the return on investment is even more worrying. However, as the producer of the drama Shaw insisted on their own wishes – must take, sports + youth film, in the market is too little". In recent years, although the sports theme of "partial niche", in the face of "homogenization" of the market, some institutions have begun to reflect film and producer in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, also have "hassle" "broken wind" involved in boxing, cycling of the birth of the classic works, some works through documentary form, let the world understand the real life of China sports athletes. In Europe an important festival, sports theme around the large, especially the extreme sports theme, in recent years also award awards and nominations, this shows that the "youth + sports" television theme is not outdated, but we can provide young people with too little. Each age needs on the screen "sports hero", "youth dog 2: late stage is not like fireworks" are nervous, in # green dog 2: fireworks # micro-blog different topic, the young actor Qin language as An Ruonan caused the majority of users of discussion. Zuhuai as Jiang Zi Hu has become a lot of people in a true portrayal of those years in life! Some netizens commented, looking forward to see this kind of big movie network, not just to the youth, but also for the sports itself has passed a positive energy. There are friends message: every era needs sports heroes, but also the screen of the sports hero." Network movie "youth dog 2: not the same fireworks" in September 23rd the Tencent video production team exclusive on-line, this film is very pertinent: we hope this youth + sports movie, only a small request, hope after reading in your youth or that arouses you the youth left at the same time, what encourages your future! (Tencent news app movie channel, bringing together the global film capital)相关的主题文章: