Car companies to do public service to reduce the despair is more important than poverty change – Soh-poper

Car prices do public service: reduction of despair is more important than to change the poverty of Sohu cars not only from when, the voice began to uncover the "poor man’s original sin", or even "are you poor because you don’t work hard" this argument; and people began to question the public interest is not a false proposition. However, in an article titled "you haven’t been poor you don’t understand" in the article, the author gives a good retort. Rich people tend to feel that everything is hard to get, but those who work too tired, too many people do not know how to learn the real poverty is like. Foxconn employees, Datong coal pipeline workers, at the foot of Mount Qomolangma wizard…… The real world that you can’t see, with life in exchange for "bread" There are plenty of people who. Only those born poor people know a good family how important, because this thing is to make money, education, access to information, enter the circle is the biggest influencing factor. A few days ago burst of social media Yang Gailan event is perhaps the best argument for this theory. In the discussion of friends, people issued such a feeling, tragedy from poverty, but the deeper reason is despair, despair is more terrible than poverty". Finally, in the face of tragedy and reality, we understand that poverty is an unavoidable existence, and that poverty is not a sin, but a misfortune. And one of the best ways to get a tragedy like Yang Gailan is to accept and accept the existence of "vulnerable groups" by default". Every calamity occurs, stars, entrepreneurs, ordinary people can be generous, but the natural disaster is not often, but we need to help people often in. Public welfare, do not have to wait for the opportunity, but can start from the life of a bit. On vacation, some of the city’s forest lost people would like to find some beautiful scenery through the air. At this time, the public is a good way to drive. The novelty Chun led the "journey of love," a person’s life, at least to go to Tibet, not only for his beauty and butter, some pure. I don’t know when to start, Tibet has become the most people in the city where the relaxation of heart mind. Breathe clean air, in turn by the soul washing drum and prayer flags in Sanskrit, and driving in the public welfare and purification of the mind, edged. After September 10th, bid farewell to Gansu Gannan area of Dan pointed measures orphan school children, Nissan once again assembled love team came to Tibet, to visit Mount Everest at the foot of the primary school, Parsons elementary school children. Early autumn morning, from all four love the owners, driving a Nissan X-Trail, along the arrangement of the classic driving circuit: Tangmai, Rouland, Bomi, 81 (Linzhi), embarked on a new station in the journey of love. "Snow" hometown of Bomi was deserved. On both sides of the dense spruce forest, so that the team looks like walking through the green corridor. Open the music, watching the scenery on both sides of the road, the first road traffic is very ideal, can be opened as long as sleep without any anxiety X-Trail intelligent mode 4WD system 2WD mode. However, in.相关的主题文章: