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UnCategorized To keep your rugs looking clean and fresh there are a few carpet cleaning tips you can use to insure a long life. Stain cleaners and odor eliminators may have a specific use, and if used incorrectly can actually damage your carpets. One of the best carpet cleaning tips is to thoroughly vacuum your rugs on a weekly basis. To do this effectively, a high-power vacuum cleaner needs to be passed slowly over the entire carpet. No matter how strong a suction that is provided, passing it too quickly will not pick up all the dirt. Divide the carpet into fourths, cleaning one section at a time before moving to the next section, operating the vacuum both ways until cleaned. These carpet cleaning tips will remove practically all the dirt, which can cause damage to the fibers of the carpet. Stain removal is another situation where good carpet cleaning tips can .e in handy. Many people make the mistake of using a soap-based cleaner and too much liquid on stains. This actually may allow the stain to return or create new ones. Soap-based cleaners, once dry, will still offer a degree of cleaning, this time to shoes and other products with which it .es into contact. Some Cleaners Help Stain Re-emerge The soap will remove dirt from the shoes, leaving it on the carpet. Liquid cleaners, used in excess, will allow the stain to soak into the bottom of the carpet or even into the pad underneath. The stain may appear to be gone, but the liquid will be soaked up from underneath and will probably make the stain reappear. Carpet Cleaning Tips rely on cleaning the carpet and not trying to clean it from underneath. Liquid spills should be blotted with a towel immediately. Otherwise, they could be soaked into the bottom of the rug. Pet urine can be especially damaging to carpets as it can cause the color dyes to be removed, leaving a bleached-out spot. A solution of one teaspoon of mild detergent and one teaspoon of white vinegar mixed with a quarter of water can help eliminate the stain. Most carpet cleaning tips involve not rubbing the stain, which can spread the spot and make it bigger, rather blot the stain. By using a clean towel, place it over the spot and either stand on it for a few seconds or place a heavy object on it to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. For specific carpet cleaning tips for a variety of situations visit home.howstuffworks… Homemade Carpet Cleaners You Probably Have On Hand Two items that you can keep on hand that make effective homemade carpet cleaners are white vinegar and ammonia. Detergent is also essential for these solutions, but if you wash clothing regularly, it should be a given that detergent is in your cleaning cabinet! A solution of one tablespoon of white vinegar to detergent solution will work wonders at removing alcohol, coffee, chewing gum or shoe polish. Scrape lightly at the excess with a dull knife, then spray the vinegar solution and work from the outside of the stain in. Make sure you blot the spot .pletely dry when you are finished. Another good homemade carpet cleaner is made with one teaspoon of ammonia to one cup of water. This solution is good for really stubborn stains, such as blood, chocolate or glue. You can follow up both of these procedures with a solution of four parts water to one part vinegar. Spray the spot where the stain was and continue blotting the spot with dry, clean white paper towel until the carpet is .pletely dry. When using any homemade carpet cleaning solution, always remember to scrape up solid spills and blot up liquids. Never rub the stain since this can cause damage to your carpet fibers. And always, always make sure that your carpet is .pletely dry before leaving the stain alone. In the event that your homemade carpet cleaner does not take out the stain to your satisfaction, you will pave a smooth way for a professional to .e in a finish the job by following these simple procedures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: