Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 9 cases of corruption in the field of poverty – k9084

CCDI exposure 9 cases of corruption in the field of poverty alleviation – Beijing this year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to strengthen poverty alleviation supervision and discipline of accountability, continue to carry out multiple rounds of rolling, the focus of supervision, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to ensure discipline and severely punish corruption problems of poverty, poverty alleviation area. The day before the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the public exposure of 9 typical cases. From the 9 problems exposed, the party members and cadres of the central requirements ignored, turned a blind eye to the disciplinary regulations, free graft poverty alleviation funds, some false impersonator, some chinakayao, some excellent affectionate friend, some corrupt misappropriation, some illegal charges, some leading cadres responsible for negligent. These problems seriously damage the interests of the masses, undermine the image of the party and the government, erosion of the party’s ruling foundation, must be dealt with severely. The village cadres for reconstruction grants in April 2013, Hebei Province, Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County banjieta Zhen Shi eight grams Village Committee Director Fan Yongxiang original in the case does not meet the conditions, the name of his wife in rural reconstruction grant funds 5000 yuan, approved by the director of the home town as the daughter of Fan Xiumin agreed. In addition, there is also illegal for Fan Yongxiang qingumu to apply for subsistence allowances, the villagers receive commissions 3000 yuan, 2200 yuan subsidy issues such as illegal access. Fan Yongxiang was removed from the party disciplinary punishment. Poor people received 13 thousand and 500 yuan from 2013 to 2015, Shanxi province Ruicheng County Housing Construction Bureau Chief Li Zhaobo former village shares by reconstruction of approval of the machine, to Fenglingdu Zhen Gu Lun Cun Wei Hui obtain benefits 25 thousand yuan; County Housing Construction Bureau in Fenglingdu Zhenyuan assistant Liu Kuanmin to GuLun village for 11 thousand yuan, and in accepting Yao village poor people 6600 yuan; County Housing Construction Bureau in Nan Wei Xiang original assistant Liu Qingbin through the village cadres accepting poor masses 13 thousand and 500 yuan; County Housing Construction Bureau in Xuezhang town primary assistant Yang Peng through the village cadres accepting poor masses 10 thousand and 400 yuan; County Housing construction Bureau in Yongle Zhenyuan assistant Dong Zengmin accepting poor people 3300 yuan. Li Zhaobo was expelled from the party, administrative demotion; Liu Kuanmin, Liu Qingbin and Yang Peng respectively to reduce post grades was punished, and removed from their posts. A family of 5 people enjoy the county in Anhui Province Zhang illegal gold Xin Zhen Tao Licun 91 year old Zhu Moumou, his wife died many years ago, childless, former Secretary of the village Party branch Tao Cheng, former director of the village committee Tao Lecai is indifferent to this, for many years not to declare their beneficiaries. Tao Lecai’s brother does not meet the minimum policy, but only Taole initiative for its application of two kinds of rural subsistence allowances, 2011 to 2015, the first 5 people enjoy low premiums 20520 yuan illegal. Tao Cheng, Tao Lecai, respectively, by the party a serious warning. Minimum five gold corruption of nearly 50 thousand yuan in 2011 to 2016, Shandong Province, Qingzhou City, Wangfu Street East Liu Jing Cun Party branch secretary Li Yanyu will be the original low households, five households received their passbook deposit, has 59 pen extraction allowances of 10 low households 4 households five households 30 five insurance subsidies, a total of 90249.83 yuan. Among them, the actual payment of households, five households and other difficult villagers 40690 yuan agency相关的主题文章: