Changsha Liuyang river is now 60 thousand square meters ” oxygen bar ” garbage dump Park-lata-01

The Liuyang river is 60 thousand meters Changsha "oxygen" dump change original title: Liuyang River Park is 60 thousand square meters "oxygen" Furong District of Liuyang river ecological landscape garden was built, the old landfill turned park is located in the River Road North Station to the Royal Lake Road section of Liuyang Road on the south side of the Liuyang river ecological landscape garden site across the road and Liuyang river with the scenery, lush forests like ecological oxygen, attract people have come to enjoy the cozy home. Changsha evening news reporter Chen Fei to enjoy cherry blossoms, summer to see the purple Bauhinia, autumn Wen Dangui, walk more Ginkgo biloba, camphor all the way to sprinkle the cool. Yesterday, with an area of 63 thousand square meters of the Furong District of Liuyang river ecological landscape garden project completion, future members of the public can not only in sur le tour scenery, more can feel the oxygen bar in the ecological birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers. This is a beautiful park, by illegal landfill space and turned to. The old garbage dump turned into a leisure park. "This is the place where the weeds are growing and the garbage is everywhere?" Yesterday, Furong district court residential garden stroll in the Liuyang river ecological landscape Xiao Minqing couldn’t believe his eyes. The garden is located on the River Avenue North Station to Royal Lake Road section of Liuyang Road site on the south side, across the road with the beautiful Liuyang River Scenic belt. But once there is a scar on the landscape in the Loess vegetation as weeds, garbage everywhere, nearby residents even Jianfengchazhen private house scaffolding types of vegetables. Under a railway bridge in this section, unlawful warehouses are connected, and the bad environment is incompatible with the surrounding landscape. In order to create a more beautiful scenery Liuhe, comprehensive environmental governance on the road of Furong district, demolition of illegally built, garbage removal, and in the first half of the Liuyang river ecological landscape garden construction started this year. Zhu Weidong, the director of the garden Bureau of Furong district, introduces the theme of the amusement park based on the leisure ecology. Based on the existing woodland, the greening tree species and landscape design are added. The greening area of the 63 thousand square meter garden reaches 54 thousand square meters. The Liuyang river is "urban jungle" is simply a fresh green oxygen bar." In the center of urban land, ecological landscape garden appeared to attract the public have to enjoy home comfortable viewing, walking, optional sports and leisure ways N. Yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the park with the terrain into a sinuous ribbon, consisting of four small beads and landscape. In autumn, many kinds of trees to create a colorful three-dimensional landscape, Ginkgo biloba, Magnolia grandiflora and other tall trees planted under the red maple, red plum red and yellow warm small trees and shrubs color, with green meadow, showing the beauty of the garden well-proportioned. The park is also set many exquisite flower Gallery, wisteria, etc. to plant vines, flowering season pedestrians looked up to feel fragrant. In some special areas, green landscape is unique: near the sidewalk side of France Holly composed of dense green belt, the railway bridge near the wall of the planting hole barbed wire became oleander, rich multicolored decorations. How is it a feeling to exercise in the jungle? The landscape park fully perfected the function of leisure and fitness, and the walking stone road was extended to the deep forest. Four small is provided with one to two small square, some oval shaped, some for the half moon, not just fancy more installed a variety of fitness equipment, surrounded by dotted with open table stool, landscape sketch, can meet the public square dance, fitness and other requirements. At the same time, in Furong district, there are nearly a hundred mall parking spaces around the garden. The residents come to this leisure, parking will be more convenient and orderly. (Hu Yuanyuan, a reporter for the Changsha Evening News)

长沙浏阳河畔现6万平米"氧吧" 垃圾场变公园原标题:浏阳河畔现6万平方米“氧吧”芙蓉区浏阳河生态林景观游园建成,昔日垃圾场变身公园 位于浏阳河大道车站北路至王家湖路段路幅南侧浏阳河生态林景观游园与浏阳河风光带隔路相望,葱郁绿林宛若生态氧吧,吸引市民纷纷前来享受家门口的惬意。长沙晚报记者 陈飞 摄春来赏樱花、夏来看紫荆、秋来闻丹桂,行步间更有银杏、香樟一路洒下清凉。昨日,随着占地面积6.3万平方米的芙蓉区浏阳河生态林景观游园竣工验收,今后市民不仅可在河畔乐游风光带,更能在生态氧吧中感受鸟语花香。而这秀美公园,是由拆违后空地和垃圾场变身而来。昔日垃圾场变身休闲公园“这就是原来那处杂草丛生、垃圾遍地的地方?”昨日,漫步在浏阳河生态林景观游园的芙蓉苑小区居民肖敏清简直不敢相信自己的眼睛。游园位于浏阳河大道车站北路至王家湖路段路幅南侧,与旖旎的浏阳河风光带隔路相望。但曾经的这里,却是风景中的一道疤痕:黄土上的植被多为杂草杂树,垃圾随处可见,附近居民甚至见缝插针私搭棚屋种起了蔬菜。该路段的一处铁路桥下,违法搭建的仓库连片,脏乱差的环境与周边景观格格不入。为营造更为秀美的浏河风景,芙蓉区展开对该路段的环境综合治理,拆除违建、清除垃圾,并于今年上半年启动浏阳河生态林景观游园建设。芙蓉区园林局局长朱卫东介绍,游园以休闲生态为主题,在原有林地基础上增加绿化树种、进行景观设计,6.3万平方米的游园内绿化面积达5.4万平方米。浏阳河畔现“都市丛林”“简直就是一个清新的绿林氧吧。”在寸土寸金的中心城区,生态林景观游园的面世吸引市民纷纷来享家门口的惬意,观景、散步、运动休闲N种方式任选。昨日记者在现场看到,公园顺地势成蜿蜒带状,由四个景观小园串珠而成。时值金秋,种类繁多的林木营造出缤纷立体景观,银杏、广玉兰等高大乔木下栽种红枫、红叶李等红黄暖色调小乔木以及彩色灌木,再配以茵茵草地,呈现错落有致的园林美景。园内还设置多处精美花廊,广种紫藤、凌霄等藤类植物,开花时节行人抬头即可感受芬芳。而在一些特殊地段,绿化景观更是匠心独运:靠近人行道一侧法国冬青组成茂密绿带,铁路桥附近的围墙则密植夹竹桃,空洞铁丝网也变得花团锦簇。在丛林中运动健身,会是怎样一种感受?景观游园充分完善休闲健身功能,步行石道延伸到林木深处。四个小园内均设有一到两处小型广场,有的呈椭圆状,有的为半月形,不仅造型别致更安装有种类丰富的健身器材,四周则点缀有休憩桌凳、景观小品,可满足市民跳广场舞、健身等多种需求。与此同时,芙蓉区还在游园周边增设了近百个林荫停车位,居民来此休闲,停车将更为方便有序。(长沙晚报 记者 胡媛媛)相关的主题文章: