Chinese independent designer Liu Jia twist to unlock new fashion dresses winfast

Chinese independent designer Liu Jia "twist" to unlock new fashion dresses as everyone knows, every September in the Americas, Europe, and the island of Great Britain, will set off a wave of fashion, Fashion Week Spring Department every year will open in such a hot September, this year’s New York Fashion Week fashion week will be held in the United States such as local time September 8, 2016 -14. It is worth mentioning that the emergence of the New York Fashion Week fashion week the official schedule on "COMME TU Chinese parent-child tide brand name ES, causing the global fashion circles and the media attention and discussion, to know that this is the first time the four parent-child tide brand Catwalk Fashion Week schedule. France seven years after graduating from France Paris MOD "ART International College of fashion designer Liu Jia hope in the future development of the brand, will also bring more French minimalist luxury bold design into each piece of children works," COMME TU ES "the one and only design inspiration has been in the domestic leading parent-child tide brand fashion the trend in cross-border cooperation, Liu Jia is also the designer first cross-border cooperation, many cross-border cooperation with well-known international brands, such as: Home Furnishing, intelligent technology, high-tech fashion, film animation and other parent-child cross-border cooperation, including Disney and star wars and the Rio Olympics the depth of cooperation have gained high popularity and extraordinary international the influence of. The appearance of New York, designer Liu Jia will cooperate with the 360 intelligent children watch cross launched limited edition of New York fashion week, cross-border fashion and technology, is committed to doing the most stylish smart children watch, can change with the mood and parent-child watchband, draft model at home, promote children in high performance on the stage, let you one second to become the tide of the most cool baby will be overwhelmed by the New York catwalk in the global scope of the new parent-child fashion fad. It is reported that the famous designer Liu Jia COMME TU ES 2017 spring and summer series of parent-child fashion show, will be held in New York in September 13th 1 p.m. local time on the New York Fashion Week show "The Dock, the official Skylight at Moynihan Station", when the New York fashion week official media only a media UNIPX MEDIA will follow up this family show, the week, designer Liu Jia also opened his own headline "designer Liu Jia" in today’s headlines, the designer for their fashion outfit perspectives and insights to share with more friends and fans. "COMME TU ES" is China from famous designers and Chinese is the first independent designer Liu Jia parent-child parent-child loaded tide brand, Liu Jia China as top ten designers only do children brand designers, "COMME TU ES" was founded in 3 and a half years, the number of field has gone through China International Fashion Week and Shanghai fashion week. The big show, also worked with global brands to build cross-border cooperation, this year’s Olympic Games in Rio get only official cooperation design qualification and produced the Rio Olympics official licensed the child to wear dresses, the design has been on sale at the official Olympic franchise. Earlier, in the 2015 Mercedes Benz China international fashion week.相关的主题文章: