Chongqing truck crashed into the van caused 1 dead or injured or too fast because of the speed of 1 verbal jint

Chongqing: truck crashed into the van caused 1 dead or injured in the car accident scene due to excessive speed of 1. About four pm yesterday, Pengshui highway 313 to Guizhou run Xi Road on the slippery roads because occurred two car collision accident, causing the van driver died. Fender Bender。 Reporters rushed to the scene to see, on the road all over the floor after the two vehicles collided scattered parts, vehicle accidents for Chongqing BA992 hanging red truck and a license for Chongqing HQ6106 white van, truck front burst out front road shoulder, the rear part of the road has been hung in the air, leaving a long brake traces of white van collided because the impact is huge, the cab has been completely deformed, and one was trapped in the cab, but has no signs of life, according to the site of the accident for the masses, 14 local ten year old man surnamed Tian, after the accident, the truck driver has been controlled by the police, white van copilot injured have been rushed to hospital for treatment. Fender Bender。 The white van severely deformed door, fire officers and soldiers and rescue the victims will be transferred out of the car to the car body, according to witnesses, the speed is too fast on the slippery road may be the main cause of the accident, and the specific reasons for the accident after work is being further processed. Wet weather we remind the driver friend must pay attention to traffic safety. (horizon network)相关的主题文章: