Consider The Possible Causes Of Hair Loss In Women-kaya scodelario

Hair-Loss If you are a woman and have suddenly begun to lose hair for no apparent reason, it is important to make time to consider what might be causing the problem. We assume that hereditary hair loss is related only to males. But, knowing the hair history of the women in your family might give you some clues as to why you have begun losing hair. Maybe the hair loss itself is not inherited, but perhaps some of the reasons behind it could be. Did the women in your family experience similar monthly menstrual problems or begin menopause at about the same time? If so, did they have any hair loss during those times? Sometimes, hair loss in women can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance. If you suspect this is the cause, talk about it with your family doctor. He or she can help determine if your suspicions are correct and can prescribe hormonal therapy to help diminish the symptoms. Or, if you are presently taking a hormone replacement therapy or a method of birth control, perhaps your doctor will suggest changing it to see if the medication has been the culprit behind your hair loss. Allergic reactions might be the source of hair loss in women. Have you changed shampoos or conditioners? Are you using new styling gel or pomade in your hair every day? If so, revert back to the products you were using before making the change. If you notice your loss of hair improving, maybe it was caused by the products or an ingredient in one of them. If you changed your entire hair care regimen and omitting it seemed to improve your loss of hair, you can use the trial and error method to help you determine if only one of the products was responsible for your hair loss. Use the shampoo for a few days. If there are no harsh affects, add the conditioner. If there is still no hair loss, add a styling product. This system can help you week out the particular culprit or will prove that it is the .bination of all the products that is responsible for your hair loss. What about styling utensils? Have you been using a straightener or curling iron forever? Is the hair loss you are experiencing from the roots or are the ends just breaking off? If it is a case of ends breaking off, try omitting heat from your hair care routine for a couple of weeks. If that helps, you have found your problem! Last, but certainly not least, to consider is stress. Mental stress does horrible things to our bodies. It gives us headaches, chest pains, acne, and yes even hair loss. If you suspect stress is the problem behind your hair loss, find ways to simplify your life and lighten your load. Often, its not that simple. Talk to your family doctor for advice. Try massage therapy, yoga or an exercise class to see if that helps you release your stress. Once you get your stress level under control, your hair will being growing back. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: