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Home-and-Family Interior designing has seven core elements- colour, pattern, proportion, texture, mood, quality and function and design. All of these elements are to be considered simultaneously while executing a successful interior design project. The home becomes a beautiful place when all of these seven elements of interior designing are harmonized perfectly to synchronize home design and home safety. Colour affects mood significantly and hence, it is essential to think of colour as the prime determining factor while starting an interior design project. Each person has a pet colour of personal choice. This favorite colour can be blended beautifully in the overall scheme of interior design. A preferred colour group can also be useful to uplift your spirits and enlighten your mood. The colours need to be chosen on the basis of personal choice rather than on the present-day fashion. To start with, consider colour of all the things in the room- wall paint, wall paper, furniture, furnishings and bathroom accessories etc. Choose the colours that will work well for you. If you have recently seen a showhouse and an appealing mix of textures and patterns and don’t know how to go about doing it on own, then don’t panic as it is much easier than it actually looks. Key is choosing the right size of patterns. Start off with large scale patterns then adding varied colored patterns. Clean it through: Undertaking a cleanliness drive of your home is a wonderful idea and only cleanliness will accentuate the home’s interior design. Start from a scratch and don’t leave even one stone unturned to get each bit cleaned. Personal hygiene won’t be too much of an issue if you keep all the surrounding (your home) clean. Keeping your home clean should be your prime task! Bedroom Magic: Try and personalize your bedroom as much as you can. The room should be spacious and too much clutter will just spoil the show. Go for bright colors if you’re a cheery person or the couple can go in for a color tone that is liked by both parties. In order to add coziness and warmth to your house, you can add rugs to your house. Rugs make s great part of the home design. However, make sure that the color of the rug complements the room and not just spoils the appearance. If your house has a contemporary theme then you might find a rug that has some geometric designs. Bathroom accessories too could be in a great style to add to the interior design. Theme it out: Deciding a theme for a house can be a great idea and plan out a complete home design on that interior design theme itself. For example, if we consider spring to be the theme, everything should be colorful and one can even be bolder and go in for a different vibrant color for every room. Adding accessories would be a great option and you could even go in for large pots with artificial flowers. Accessorize your home with fruits, flowers, mirrors and plants etc to enhance the look of your home. You can be as innovative as possible as far as design ideas are concerned. Make your home a place that is comfortable, inviting, welcoming and friendly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: