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Country foot almost what? New network media: lack of more depth, more surprisingly cold – – Wei Ruotao from 0 to 2 than 3 than 3, last night’s people see the Yin and Yang, for the first 2 to 3 loss to South Korea’s results for the national football fans regret more than disappointed, because the country foot distance away draw with rivals just a little, but the country foot is the lack of more depth, more surprisingly cold. Because the country foot strength and South Korea have obvious difference before, almost everyone knows, if the game according to the normal development process, the Orangemen lose even defeat is certain, the Orangemen to retreat from Seoul, and no Jones style all their own, can not be achieved. Last night, we saw the national football coach Gao Hongbo took pains to see all the international efforts, which is embodied in 0 points behind more than 3 large, the Orangemen did not collapse, did not give up, in just a few minutes, the Orangemen received a stroke with odd effect, Yu Hai, Hao Junmin break, you know, the South Korean team in the top 40: the door has not been compromised, the Orangemen can enter the South Korean team two goals, it is not easy. In the last few minutes, South Korea also showed a panic, the Orangemen had a chance to tie the score, but unfortunately, whether it is Gao Hongbo’s spot in the final moments of the international, or tactical execution, are a bit less deadly cold, eventually the Orangemen did not break the fate, still trapped alive preliminaries on the Korean losing circle. In fact, the Orangemen lack of cold, is far away from the World Cup finals 12 (10 finals) for 15 years, is also the domestic occupation league players is underdeveloped results. The Orangemen last night although lost, but a lot of harvest, two away goals, valuable experience and never dare to sword, the courage of the top 12 teams race give up faith, it may become a sharp sword in September 6th against the Iran team in Shenyang.相关的主题文章: