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Home-Improvement It used to be that using the bathroom was an in-and-out activity. You go in, do what you have do, and get out. Because this was the case, bathrooms in older houses were often boring and lacked design. Today, more homeowners are lingering long enough. Some even think it is more important than their bedrooms! Designing a bathroom could be lots of fun. Whether it’s going up as part of your new home or the remodelling of an existing one, there are lots of options to consider. Before deciding on a theme, homeowners and bathroom designers first need to think about functionality and longevity. Functionality – It’s all to easy to get tempted into installing all sorts of "cool" features, but will you be using them? There are lots of TV shows that allow us a peek into the houses of the rich and famous. And whether or not we’d like to admit it or not, things like that influences us. Before pulling ideas from the celebrity home you saw on TV, consider whether or not it would be appropriate for your house. Longevity – If I install these fixtures or choose this theme, how long would it be relevant? Times are tough nowadays. A sensible homeowner should have foresight. If you choose to sell your house in the future, would these installations or upgrades raise the value of your house? Make sure to have these two ideas in mind while you ponder your bathroom’s theme. What are some bathroom themes I should consider? A sophisticated and modern day bathroom is the choice of most homeowners today. To achieve this, begin by deciding on the base color of your walls. White, along with light shades of blue, green, and cream some of the colors you can think about using. These colors calm the mind, and will be perfect if that’s your main goal. It’s also important to consider the lighting scheme in your bathroom as this plays a role in the overall mood and ambience. Pick colors that go with the lights in the room. For example, don’t use yellowish lighting options if you have yellow walls. Keep in mind that a clean and contemporary bathroom is timeless and will increase the value of your house. If you’re thinking about fun and quirky custom bathroom designs, don’t about the idea of longevity. This is particularly very important to kids’ bathrooms. A cartoon or rubber duck theme can be fun now, but don’t that all kids grow up. Consult a bathroom designer for options you won’t outgrow too easily. Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can start looking at fixtures and other accents. They are the elements that will bring your whole bathroom together. Don’t be hasty when making decisions. Consult with your interior or bathroom designer to set up a useful and stylish bathroom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: