Dai’s descendants, to 1949 after the fate-jodie foster

Dai’s descendants, to 1949 after the fate? The paper put Cangyi | rear left Wang Ping in March 1946, KMT chief Li from Beijing to Shanghai. On the way to Nanjing, died in an airplane accident. At the beginning of the liberation, the only son of a Cangyi Dai People’s Government sentenced to death. Dai Li’s son were dead, the society is already rumors of Dai die without descendants but that is not the case. A Cangyi was executed after his wife Zheng Xiying, his daughter wearing eyebrow to Dai home chef mentor Tang Haozhu adopted, with their three sons back to Quzhou home, and later retired to Shanghai. At the beginning of 1953, Jiang Jieshi in Taiwan after the basic foothold suddenly remembered as prompted by a sudden impulse, he devoted Dai and their subordinates subserviency for decades, ordered the hairy man make every effort to Dai descendants from the mainland to Taiwan. Then, the hairy man sent juntong spy Huang duo and lurking in the Shanghai City Public Security Bureau spy Huang Shunfa and Lu Bingzhang contact. After a plot to steal Bingzhang, from the Public Security Bureau export licence, Zheng Xiying was renamed Shen Fengying, his son Dai Yikuan, son Dai Yixu was removed in January 1954 to settle in Taiwan. The Dai’s second grandchildren Dai Yihong because the account was yellow duo impostor moved out, unable to leave the country, is to stay in Shanghai, by the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Bingzhang latent spy Lu care trustee.相关的主题文章: