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If you wear, Gu: cup with handle and diamond wear, if the master analysis revealed the ultimate goal of FX168 United States that the guppy (Daryl Guppy) technology news days ago on CNBC (CNBC) website author to predict, for he believes that the outlook for the dollar, the dollar index is expected to rise to at least 105. In his column, he wrote: "will the dollar be strong enough to last?" The most helpful reference for answering this question is the analysis of technical charts. Construction technology need time to form, and in the formation of potential form after a period of time to measure a specific target point, the dollar index has exactly such anticipation opportunity. Since the beginning of January 2015, the shock of the market to build into a symmetrical arc bottom, while the formation of the exchange rate target 103.5 diamond finishing, but the exchange rate in the face of the arc bottom bowl after resistance appears again, the dollar retracement, so the form evolved into a more cup bottom form long-term (with a "handle"). This form in the weekly pattern observed most clearly, contains two elements, the first is the round bottom constitute the bottom of the cup, the form from January 2015 until November. In 2015 the dollar index trend is decided by the low, low to support these lower arc surfaced, the cup body will determine the depth of the theory point after the outlook breakthrough. Then the market goes into the forming stage of the cup handle, which will be built when the arc bottom can not be formed immediately. First, the exchange rate usually need to build the downward channel, although the United States that the decline trend is obvious, but failed to form a clear decline, but the price is fully meet the elements of the cup handle form. As long as the exchange rate rises upward, the cup handle shape can be established, and the depth of the arc bottom can be used to measure the upward target of the exchange rate — 105. The target position of 105 is also higher than that of diamond after breaking the target 103.5, the two big shape implies that the dollar index will be challenged 103.5 and 105. These points provide clues that the market may touch. The cup handle spent about a year to complete the construction, suggesting that the 1.05 target may also need to take 9-12 months to reach, these long-term forms tend to extend out of the market. These strategic charts help traders develop short-term tactical strategies. The cup shape confirms the possibility of the dollar continuing to rise in the short term, and is of great significance to other currencies. If you wear, the guppy (Daryl Guppy) is known as one of the world’s financial market analysis of the master ten technology; analysis of the master enjoys international reputation of securities investment, Australia full-time Traders Association Analysis and technical analysis of Australia and Singapore Association, member of international technology; by the Singapore Stock Exchange, the Australian Stock Exchange and Malaysia stock exchange occupation brokers and traders respect for the godfather. He is the author of books including "trend trading" (Trend Trading), "financial traders" (The 36 Stra of 36 dollars

戴若・顾比:杯柄形态和菱形透漏美指终极目标位   FX168讯 技术分析大师戴若・顾比(Daryl Guppy)日前在美国全国广播公司财经频道(CNBC)网站上撰文对美元前景作出预判,他认为,美元指数至少有望升至105.0。   他在专栏文章中写道:   美元强势到底能否延续?可能回答这一问题最有帮助的参考就是技术图表的分析。   技术形态的构筑需要时间,而在形成潜在的形态的一段时间后可望测量出特定的目标点位,美元指数恰好有这样的预判机会。   始自2015年1月的震荡行情构筑成了一个对称圆弧底,汇价同时形成了目标指向103.5的菱形整理,不过汇价在遭遇圆弧底碗口阻力后,美元再次出现回撤,如此一来形态演变为更为长期的杯底形态(带有“杯柄”)。   这一形态在周线图格局下观察最为清晰,包含两个元素,首先是圆底构成的“杯底”,该形态形成于2015年1月起直至11月。   2015年美元指数的走势是由低点所决定的,这些低点在圆弧形的支撑带下得以浮出水面,杯身的深度将决定后市突破后的理论点位。   随后市场就进入杯柄的形成阶段,该形态会在圆弧底无法立即形成的时候构筑。首先,汇价通常需构筑向下的通道,虽然美指回落态势较为明显,但未能形成明确的下降通道,不过价格表现还是完全满足杯柄形态的要素。   只要汇价向上突破上升趋势就能确立杯柄形态,而圆弧底的深度用以丈量汇价的上行目标――105.00。   105的目标位也高于菱形上破后的目标103.5,两大形态暗示,美元指数将先后挑战103.5和105.0。这些点位提供了市场可能触及的位置线索。   杯柄形态花了大约一年时间才构筑完成,这暗示1.05的目标可能也需要走上9-12个月才能企及,这些长期形态倾向于走出延长行情。这些战略图表有助交易员制定短期战术策略。杯柄形态确认了美元短线延续涨势的高度可能性,对于其他货币也具有十分重要的借鉴意义。   戴若・顾比(Daryl Guppy)号称是全球金融市场十大技术分析大师之一;是享有国际声誉的证券投资技术分析大师,澳大利亚全职交易商,国际技术分析协会会员及澳大利亚和新加坡技术分析协会会员;被新加坡股票交易所、澳大利亚股票交易所和马来西亚股票交易所职业经纪人及交易者尊为教父级人物。   他著有的书籍包括《趋势交易》(Trend Trading)、《金融交易员36计》(The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders)等。   校对:Tier 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: