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Business Do you want a means to directly help homeless children and global orphans where 100% of your donation goes to helping children? Want this charitable donation to help build a sense of community in your office? And here’s a twist at the same time you can greatly improve the coffee you serve in your office. For most Americans, the best way to start one’s day is with the perfect cup of coffee. It wakes up the senses and kicks the day into high gear. At Mission Grounds, we offer a great gourmet coffee that will make a difference in the life of a child. Though not a religious organization, our business was founded by a small group of friends who felt God’s calling to help impoverished and neglected children in Atlanta and in countries around the world. While on various mission trips, we realized that children are the ones who suffer the most in poor economic conditions. They are easily abandoned or neglected by their parents and oftentimes must survive with no job, no training, and no formal education. Through Mission Grounds’ partnerships, we endeavor to help these children by donating all our proceeds to needy children. When we started our organization, we knew that our circle of friends would buy the coffee at least once to help children. Our hope was that they would continue to buy it because the quality and flavor surpassed any other coffee in their kitchens or corner coffee shops. We are happy to say that our circle of friends continues to grow The only overhead costs incurred by Mission Grounds are those required to transport the coffee to the store and properly display it. These expenses are less than 5% of our total costs, yet 100% of our proceeds are donated to children. By adhering to Fair Trade guidelines, we are able to help even more children by pouring money into local economies. Since our inception in late 2005, Mission Grounds – has donated approximately $121,800 to children in Atlanta and around the world. Financial support has been used to build orphanages and provide care to infants needing formula and medical care associated with HIV. We anticipate assisting with more orphanage construction projects in 2008 but need your help to continue helping these precious children. And with all our donations we make sure 100 percent of the donation goes to the homeless children. Unlike other non profits we are an operating business with steady income so we don’t have to use our donations to offset overhead. So take comfort your corporate donation is all going to help kids. The Corporate Coffee Club (Make a monthly donation to homeless children receive a monthly supply of the finest gourmet coffee) Mission Grounds requests companies to consider serving our coffee and making a corporate donation on top of the coffee expense allowing us to continue to support more and more homeless children. We have initiated an online sales program via our website. And we are selling very well at our existing stores – without any marketing we are in the top three coffee sales for Kroger – Proving its a great tasting gourmet coffee. So you serve a better coffee. And help homeless children. And build a sense of community. We can set up company out reach days for your employees too. What an easy home run: turn your current coffee expense into a way to help homeless children and build the morale in your office too. And every day when your employees drink their coffee – it’s a subtle but smooth reminder of what a great thing their company is doing. So your company donates $100 or $200 or $500 per month to help homeless children and in return receives its monthly gourmet coffee. The Children’s Club: And if you are a small business or want to help personally we have a great way to Help A Homeless Child Program : The Children’s Club. You donate a monthly amount to a certain homeless shelter or orphanage and in return receive two bags of coffee. For example you can donate $20, or $25 or even $50 to the Jars of Clay Homeless Shelter in Atlanta and in return every month receive two bags of coffee. So you are getting a great coffee and supporting a homeless child every month with a easy monthly donation. And the plan is flexible and allows you to budget what you can afford or want to donate. Sincerely, Boake Moore Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee 678 480 1067 About Our Coffee: ..missiongrounds../ourcoffee.php Costa Rica has over 200 identifiable volcanic formations dating back over 65 million years. The volcanoes in Costa Rica lie in the northern part of the country and in the Central Highlands; these are prime gourmet coffee growing regions. Due to the many volcanic eruptions over the past millennia, the soil in Costa Rica is rich in many minerals and very fertile. This natural fertility contributes to the production of unique and exceptional coffee. Mission Grounds uses the finest shade grown top of the volcano coffee, the only pure number one select coffee. The number one grade is only grown in small quantities and we purchase all of it. So if you want the highest grade of Tarrazu gourmet coffee you have to purchase Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee. Buying any other gourmet coffee is settling for second best. Costa Rican Coffees are known to be full-flavored, with lively acidity, and are very fragrant and tangy. Arabica is the only species of gourmet coffee that Mission Grounds Gourmet coffee sells. It is the sole source of fine gourmet coffee and .es from a more delicate, higher-altitude tree and grows at a lower temperature than the Robusta bean. The higher the altitude, the finer the gourmet coffee will be. Arabica coffees receive only 2 hours a day of direct sunlight. The Arabica bean is harder and has a denser aroma. It is the bean of choice for gourmet coffee connoisseurs. It is the reason Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee is the finest Costa Rica gourmet coffee. The best Costa Rican gourmet coffee beans, which are grown above four thousand feet and hand selected, are designated as "strictly hard bean". However, because not all gourmet coffee beans which grow at the higher altitudes are "Strictly Hard Bean", we sort the gourmet coffee beans for the hardest gourmet coffee beans and remove the softer -"Cataula" gourmet coffee beans. The softer gourmet coffee beans are called Cataula to designate them as a byproduct of this sorting. Most of the Costa Rica coffees contain these softer less flavor gourmet coffee beans but not Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee. Estate or "varietal" coffees are unblended coffees grown on specific estates or farms in specific regions of Costa Rica. With this designation the consumer is made aware of gourmet coffee varietal used, social practices and environmental practices Our estate Signature Roast is considered by most the finest most flavorful .anic gourmet coffee in the world. Costa Rican coffee has set the standards for fine wet-processed coffee for the rest of Central and South America and the world. The most famous coffees by region are the Tarrazu the best of the Costa Rica coffee. And Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee is the best Tarrazu coffee making it the best coffee in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: