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Music The best voice actor which you should hire is Tony Pasquale. Why? Tony Pasquale has been about voice acting for a very long time. He has been voicing for .mercials and radio for years. It is a part of him that he cannot deny. He aims to entertain your potential clients with his persuasive, powerful and humorous voice. He is a full time voice over professional who has a passion for his job. He has experience in voicing for Chipotle, Pedigree, UPS, GQ Magazine, Deloitte and many more .mercials. What equipment is needed for voice over? Tony Pasqual has the best equipment to ensure your work is done. They are: Whisper Room Vocal Isolation Booth An ISDN codec A Mic A mic preamp Source Connect A digital audio work station A master voice channel A channel strip processor An audio mixer Musical Instrument cables Online Connections Telephone interfacing circuits Qualities of Tony Pasquale Mr Pasquale loves people. He never stops at making them smile and feel that someone cares. He is also very serious about pleasing his clients by doing his best. He knows what it is to be dressed for the occasion. By his never ending practicing, he has knowledge of how his voice should be in different types of .mercial to suit you and your potential clients. He has a collection of demo tapes which sound very professional. He is a versatile person. His distinct voice captures peoples attention, making them want to know more. He has experience working with large brands like Dirt Devil, Wal-Mart etc. He has a good reputation of finishing his work on time. The voice over of a video gives the video a voice. He is trusted by over 10 brands. Yes! He is the one to be your voice over artist. To find out more about Tony Pasquale visit the site Tonyco.. and be wowed!!! To get the best, just test. You will be wowed by the professionalism and humour of this man. He is one of a kind. He is the most experienced voice actor since he has being doing it from a tender age. What to look for? There are many voice actors out there. You need one who has experience in this field of work to get the best. A voice actor has the responsibility of persuading his/her audience to do something. Choose a person who is willing and is able to convince you to the point where you would want to buy your own product. Choose the correct voice. Not every voice is fit for every advertisement. People .mercials should represent you. People judge you by what they see on the outside. Your .mercials should not be tacky and boring. It needs a voice to tell the audience what you are about. Never settle for less. Choose the best voice actor on Tonyvo…You will not regret it because Tony Pasquale is a Professional you can trust. Remember quality shows your personality. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: