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Sports-and-Recreation If you are into outdoor activities, such as hunting, maybe taking a nature walk, or just going to catch a ball game, then you already the know the importance of a good set of binoculars. A good set allows you to see things a far distance away with a sharp clear picture and with little focus adjustments as possible. A bad pair has you throwing them into the garbage. My family and I just recently took a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. It is a wonderful island, with a lot of scenic views, especially near the lighthouses (at least the couple we went to). Imagine a gentle breeze as you overlook the crisp Atlantic waters and see some gorgeous boats and yachts off in the distance. This is where a good set of binoculars can .e in handy. Lucky for me we had borrowed a pair from someone close by to take a look at what the distance had to offer. It made the whole experience that day a more pleasant one. After I had .e back from the trip I wanted to do a little research on what kind of binoculars would be right for me and for a vacation, day trip etc., that I normally take. I also, wanted to learn more about them In a recent article in Shape magazine, I found that for beginners, they re.mended the Bushnell Permafocus. According to the article there is, "no need to fuss with the Bushnell Permafocus 8 x 42 ($80). They focus automatically, and an anti-reflective lens coating helps you see your subjects more dearly in bright sun, (8 magnification power x 42 mm lens diameter; size: 5.7″ x 5″)." If you are an all weather sort of person, such as venturing in the snow, or rain they suggested the Vortex Spitfire. They wrote, "with the waterproof, fog-proof Vortex Spitfire ($140), drizzle won’t ruin your view. And at just 10 ounces, they’re the lightest of the bunch. (8 magnification power x 25 mm lens diameter; size: 4″ x 4.6″)." So lets say for a moment, you are not quite a beginner and there is no way you are heading out in bad weather just to take a look at something, but instead just want to snap a few photos. You are in luck, there is a product for you as well. Equipped with a digital camera, they re.mended the Celestron Vista Pix, which also .es with a built in radio. Here is what they had to say about it. "Can’t believe what you see? The digital camera on the Celestron Vista Pix ($250) captures it for posterity. The built-in FM radio lets you jam while you watch. (8 magnification power x 22 mm lens diameter; size: 4″ x 4.5″)." If you are like me and my family, you enjoy the occasional day trip up to the mountains to be a part of nature. Whatever it is you and your family enjoy doing, don’t to take along your pair binoculars to make the trip more enjoyable as you view a bald eagle as it gracefully glides in the wind from a distance too far for clarity for the human eye. By: Bruce A. Tucker About the Author: 相关的主题文章: