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Home-Improvement Drain Residential Maintenance One of the most important systems to maintain in a house is the Drain System. Gray Water (Kitchen and sinks and washing machines) and Black Water (toilets) are the Natural Habitat for many of the worst Germs and Bacteria on earth. The right temperature, abundance of organic material, makes it perfect as a breeding ground for growth. The drain systems and its ventilation is hidden in the walls and pipes buried in the ground. Our daily activities in the house distract us from so many risks that we must be aware of. We basically, wash everything. Everything goes to the drain: Our bodys natural dry skin, hair, and dirt we bring (Imported) from outside! Our clothes, dishes, food leftovers that being grounded to small pieces by the garbage disposal, toilet papers, baby wipers, and much more. Years of usage will cause build-ups inside the pipes and it will eventually block the drain. Drain systems are designed to carry its function for many years. Wrong and high usage of the system will cause some of its parts to collapse and could cause material damages to the house and could also cause some series health problems. Maintaining drain system integrity and its functionality will prevent lots of problems, and will save tons of time and money. Our drain system is dividing into 2 main segments: Secondary and Main Line; Secondary Lines includes: Kitchens, Sinks, Washing machines, Floor drain. In the vast majority in the states in the US, these lines are made of 1 1/5 to 2 inches pipes! All secondary lines will be connected to the House main line. Each one of these segments is connected to a ventilation pipe, its function will be to let the air out, so the water can flow to the main line. Main Lines include the Toilet line (Usually a 3 inch Pipe) and the 4 inch pipe that gathers the gray and black water and brings it to the city drain systems. Note: The P-Trap that is located right before every sink and every drain pipe, is usually full of water and its main function is to prevent odors to get into the house. Drain Secondary Line Maintenance Always use a strainer basket to catch any solids, including hair. Remember, solids will be accumulated in the P-Trap and will eventually block the drain. Always clean the Strainer. We tend to take it out, when solids are blocking the flow of water. Remember the strainer is blocking the solids of getting into the drain systems. Showers and bath-tubs strainers are extremely important. They will prevent the hair from going to the drain. 90% of stoppages in the showers and tubs are due to HAIR! Every secondary line needs to be Hydro-Jetted every 2 years. The Jetting its a high water pressure Inside pipe wash, which will eliminate solids accumulated in the internal parts of the pipe and will clear it for the next 2 years. Our company NoProblem Plumbing and Drain will give you a warranty for 3 years! Every main line needs to be inspected every 5 years. And the reason for that is to make sure that there is no tree roots or breaks in the pipe, due to earth movements! Do not throw toilet papers, baby diapers or any other cloth down the drain! These materials tend to accumulate in every opportunity inside the main line! Secondary Main Line Stoppages Risks In most cases, we detect these stoppages immediately and we take actions right away. In some cases when stoppages are not detected on time, water will flow into the house causing damages to floors and carpets. Average cost repair of these material damages: $2,000-$3,000 USD. Unfortunately some of these stoppages can cause health problems and allergy reactions and costs are unknown until showing up in an emergency room. Maintaining secondary line open and clear will cost: $500 USD every 10 years. Again, Drain maintenance is the Key to prevent costly repairs and possible health problems. Main Line Stoppages Risks In houses without basements, when stoppage in main line is not detected, the risk is clear: House Flood!! Damages are unknown, and it will be evaluated separately. Clearing the main line immediately will be the first step to assess the damage to the main Drain Line!! Inspecting it with a camera is the most recommended thing to do, and the reason will be to try to detect if there is a break or any other damage to the integrity of the 4 inch pipe!! In Houses with basements, when stoppage in the main line is not detected. It is much more complicated. Due to the fact that Mold will be created almost immediately; Carpets will be needed to be removed and drywall to be replaced. Specialist in curing this mold is required by the authorities. Cost repair can to up to: $25,000 USD. Conclusion: Drain maintenance will save lots of headaches and money! For more information, check out: .www.plumber-denver-co.com/ or ..plumber-denver-co../plumbing-denver-articles.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: