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National Day during highway free   Anhui self driving tour hot (Figure) – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn original title: National Day during highway free Anhui self driving travel hot (Figure) in October 3rd, Mount Tianzhu after the rain, picturesque scenery, tourists. On the same day, 51 thousand tourists were visited in Mount Tianzhu scenic spot. Photo by Huang Junying in October 3rd, eight in the river Yingshang County Area ushered in the golden week the first peak reception day, tourists 62 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 4.7%. Photo by Wang Linhong in October 6th, the Anhui traffic holdings staff Zhang Manjun and colleagues from the Shitai County xianyushan drove back to Hefei, ending a 3 day journey by car. In order to avoid travel peak, they deliberately chose to start in October 4th, but did not expect to catch up with the return peak. "Blocking, really blocking."! Traffic real time road shows a long time, beltway, urban main roads are red line!" Although we can not avoid the traffic jam, but Zhang Manjun believes that car travel or very convenient, "holiday highway toll free, self driving travel can let go!" With the access of the traffic network and the improvement of the residents’ car ownership, more and more tourists choose to travel by themselves. National Tourism Bureau recently released data show that tourists travel through into the area ratio decreased from 60% in 2015 to 70% in 2010 20% to 30%, and the self driving tour has become the main way of visitors to the scenic area, accounting for 75% of the total number of tourists. Xuancheng Anhui Nanchuan reservoir exploration line, Anqing to listen to the Huangmei opera, to Bozhou for Northern Anhui folk, poetry and pastoral sentiment to Yixian County…… This golden week, the main scenic spots in our province are full of self driving vehicles. "Now the highway access to the province’s 16 cities, 98% counties within half an hour on the high speed. With the era of mass tourism, self driving tour has gradually become the main force of Anhui tourism." The head of the market development department of the Provincial Tourism Bureau said. "It’s not easy to find a parking space in Wanda tour city!" In October 4th, Hefei Road, John drove the young white-collar family went to the new town near Wanda text brigade "early adopters", "did not expect such a high popularity, eat, have long time queuing ticket!" The National Day golden week is drawing to a close. Where is the most popular scenic spot in the province? Mount Huangshan, Mount Jiuhua or eight mile river? All right, the answer is Wanda tour city, Hefei! This set of cultural, commercial, tourism in one of the large-scale theme park, food, travel, entertainment and shopping can get a one-stop, just opened quickly won the favor of tourists. According to the Provincial Tourism Bureau statistics, from October 1st to 5, the Wanda trip to the city a total of 60 tourists million passengers, to receive a daily average of more than 12 people, of which 173 thousand and 200 visitors in October 4th reached the peak. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor) 国庆节期间高速公路免费 安徽自驾游火爆(图)–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:国庆节期间高速公路免费 安徽自驾游火爆(图) 10月3日,天柱山雨后初晴,美景如画,游客如织。当日,天柱山景区共接待游客5.1万人次。黄俊英 摄 10月3日,颍上县八里河景区迎来黄金周首个接待高峰,当日接待游客6.24万人次,同比增长4.7%。王林洪 摄 10月6日,安徽交通控股集团员工张曼君和同事从石台县仙寓山驾车返回合肥,结束了为期3天的自驾之旅。为避开出行高峰,他们特意选择10月4日出发,没想到却赶上了返程高峰。“堵,真堵!交通实时路况长时间显示绕城高速、市区几条主干道都是红线! ”虽然不能避免堵车,但张曼君认为驾车出行还是异常便捷,“假日高速公路免费通行,自驾让旅行可以说走就走! ” 随着交通路网的通达、居民汽车保有量的提高,越来越多的游客选择自驾游。国家旅游局近期发布数据显示,游客通过旅行社进入景区的比例由2010年的60%―70%下降至2015年的20%―30%,而自驾游成为游客到达景区的主要方式,占景区接待游客总人数的75%。 到宣城探秘“皖南川藏线”,到安庆听黄梅大戏,到亳州寻访皖北民俗,到黟县感悟诗画田园……这个黄金周,我省主要景区都停满了自驾旅行的车辆。 “现在高速公路通达全省16个市,98%的县区半小时内能上高速。随着大众旅游时代来临,自驾游逐渐成为安徽旅游的主力军。 ”省旅游局市场开发处负责人说。 “在万达文旅城找个停车位真不容易! ”10月4日,合肥年轻白领路晓强开车带着家人去新开业不久的万达文旅城“尝鲜”,“没想到人气这么高,吃饭、购票都要长时间排队! ”国庆黄金周已近尾声,盘点省内景区景点哪里人气最旺?黄山、九华山还是八里河?都不对,答案是合肥万达文旅城!这个集文化、商业、旅游于一体的大型主题乐园,吃、游、娱、购能一站式搞掂,刚刚开业便迅速赢得了游客青睐。据省旅游局统计,10月1日至5日,万达文旅城共接待游客60万余人次,平均每天接待12万余人次,其中10月4日更达到接待17.32万游客的高峰。 (责编:关飞、张磊)相关的主题文章: