Eleven tourists uncivilized behavior climb the Imperial Palace wall hello emperor Tomatoes on sticks-cibi

Eleven tourists uncivilized behavior: climb the Imperial Palace wall "hello" emperor Tomatoes on sticks "eleven" period, the Shenyang the Imperial Palace on the south side of the two battle of Sarhu and a reproduction of Qing Dynasty Shengjing scene giant relief group as many visitors climb a place, the reporter observed, 10 minutes there are hundreds of people climb the top around the "emperor" photo. During the holiday, the provincial library, Shenyang Provincial Museum, Beiling Park, the Imperial Palace and other cultural sites of visitors, the reporter found some uncivilized behavior in the interview: climbing Beiling Park hundred years old; in the embassy will not figure after reading books back in situ; mobile phone ring tone in the reading area; the museum open flash photography; outside the museum steps become temporary canteen etc.. Climb the giant relief group on the "ancient" top 6 at noon, Shenyang near the south side of the the Imperial Palace two giant bronze relief group frolic sound of a two or three meter high relief wall top photo surging crowd, have a family, there are a couple, as well as with a self timer lever. Some tourists get together, "Tomatoes on sticks leftover feed" Qing emperor statue; some two people have to make up in the emperor’s move between. A five or six year old girl in her mother encouraged to climb the top, looking at all nieyibahan. Saerhu campaign in 1619 after the war between the Ming Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty and Jin, is a strategic battle in the war of Liaodong. Today, a group dressed in brightly coloured stampede modern people climb the head, the picture looked really not comfortable. In Beiling Park, the reporter saw a thick tree hundred years old Panasonic full of people. A trunk of this old tree has been falling on a bench, deliberately holding, which gave a lot of tourists on the tree photo opportunity. A couple, father and son and even a family climbed to the trunk, posing a variety of positions to take pictures, most of the trunk stood seven or eight people, at the same time at the same time using mobile phones to take pictures of more than five or six people. There are many people on the steps of the temporary canteen, and even some people drink beer during the "eleven" period to visit Liaoning Province, provincial map, provincial science and Technology Museum and so on, and almost all the parking spaces near the three museums are full. At noon, some steps of the local science and Technology Museum, Liao Bo door filled with diners, almost all hand lunch, drink or eat food with tourists while laughing at the edge. The dining car pushed by more than 10 vendors is nearby, making delicious food on the spot, which is very popular. Most visitors don’t visit the exhibition hall nearby, eat out at noon, rest for a while, and then visit. Visitors eat burritos, Steamed Rice are also nearby to buy, some men have own beer mouth poured down. Some of the dishes do not like to eat dishes directly checked out on the steps, there are a lot of used waste paper towels, chicken bones and so on. Sell a burrito hawker said, "eleven" is really a lot of money, one of the hottest days sold 100 to zhang. Don’t read the book back for flash photography is very common in the province map reading area school children, children parents a lot, but read few order back, some shelves placed vertically across some others. There is a hint of "cell phone silence" on the wall, but some readers forget to tune the phone into vibration or mute. In Shenyang the Imperial Palace and Liao Bo some cultural relics exhibition hall, there are often reminded of visitors "please do not take flash photos."". A staff list of the Imperial Palace in Shenyang.