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Travel-and-Leisure Any person who enjoys traveling and loves the sense of adventure that one get when visiting new places will tell you that there are some must-dos when it .es to embarking on a journey to whichever foreign land. What you have to see? Where you need to go? What all you need to do while you are there. Basics. When the country you are going to is Oman, the list may be a tad bit long. A lovely country with boundless beauty, Oman is home to a world of heritage. Some of the things that have to go into your to do list for this astounding country are visiting the ancient forts and beaches, journeying through the textured mountains, enjoying water activities like diving and turtle, whale, and dolphin watching, taking pleasure in watching exotic wildlife and birds, going for treks, rock-climbing and caving, etc. but reaping the benefit of a desert safari in Oman ought to top your list. It is a little realized fact that 80 percent of Oman is desert, and who is to blame, when the country is full of such natural beauty and the perfect mix of old and new. It is hence obvious that any visitor cannot deny the elegance of its golden sands capes, nor refrain from witnessing the vastness of it. The most prominent desert in Oman is Sharqiyah Sands, which was previously known as Wahiba Sands. The dunes here are almost 200 meters in height. Well known among the tourist for the sunsets watched here, which are said to be awe-inspiring. It also transforms into a mystical place after dusk, as the millions of stars cover the sky and almost light up the sands into oxidized silver. The desert can be seen on camelback or aboard a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The choice is yours, whether you want to opt for the traditional camel with its slow pace or conventional four-wheel drive that allows you to even venture into some sand-bashing thrills. Experiencing a desert safari in Oman gives you a glimpse of the true Omani culture and traditions. Maybe meet a Bedouin family who can share how they live in such harsh desert conditions. You can even stay over night at one of the camps in the desert. All you have to do is ask your travel agency to hook you up with the best desert safari available within your budget. Either way, the adventure of traversing the deserts of Oman will be one that goes down in your lifes book as something special. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: