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Home-Based-Business Ensuring that a bathroom is modern in design and completely up to date can be an interesting challenge for anyone who wants to "spend a penny". It is an important need for anyone who wants to comfortably savour the bathroom experience. The earliest findings of baths were found in Ancient Greece and date as far back as the mid-2nd millennium BC. Ancient Rome established a network of aqueducts which supplied water to all large towns and population centres and had indoor plumbing, with pipes terminating in homes and at public wells and fountains. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the aqueduct network then fell into disrepair and most of it ceased to be used. The first London public baths was opened in 1847 while the first Irish hot water bath was opened in Cork. We are undoubtedly grateful that bathroom design has greatly advanced since then and continue to maintain the high standards and high levels of design that we expect from bathrooms today. As so many of us know, appreciating a Turkish bath is a cleansing and relaxing treatment involving spending time sitting in a room filled with steam or hot air and is usually followed by washing and a relaxing massage. Unfortunately, the majority of Irish homes don’t have anywhere near enough space to build a luxurious Turkish bath but there are still many alternatives available to us when it comes to bathing. Bathroom features have advanced from wooden bathtubs that were sometimes found in bedrooms towards a much more calming, clean and well-designed bathroom that a homeowner is proud for guests to visit. One of the easiest ways to wash away a long day is taking the time to visit the bathroom to indulge in a relaxing and restful bath, bubbles and bath salts are optional. If there are few limitations on floor space, a freestanding bath may be the way to go. Freestanding baths are definitely worth considering if you have the space in the bathroom and offers a relaxing and indeed opulent feel to the bathroom. Freestanding baths are becoming more popular with anyone who may want to redesign their bathroom. A freestanding bath is an impressive design statement and the extra space surrounding a freestanding bath makes a bathroom can make a bathroom appear more spacious than it actually is. Whether it’s a cast iron bath or a more contemporary style which features angular or smooth edges, you can take your pick from a huge range of lengths and depths, from shallow baths which are perfect for children to bathe in, to deeper baths which are ideal for anyone who loves to soak in for long periods of time. Disappearing to a well-designed bathroom to help wash away a long and stressful is definitely something that we all need to treat ourselves to more often! Why not take a visit Waterloo Bathrooms in Dublin; the professional bathroom designers and installers with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: