Eu Maintain A Sustained Growth In Demand For Plant Extracts -tamiflu

Business According to Chinese customs statistics, the extract products for the EU import and export trade has sustained growth from 2001 to 2011. Before 2012, China’s plant extracts products on the EU total imports and exports reached $ 138 million. It is an increase of 7.4%.Among them, the exports is $ 120 million with an increase of 2.5 percent. From 2001 to 2011, the average annual growth rate for extract product exports to EU is 10.9%. Europe as the world’s largest cosmetics, health food market and the production of one of the R & D center, has a long history of traditional herbal medicine applications, modern herbal medicine started early, rapid development, high market share in the world’s largest herbal medicine market. Its size in 2005 has reached $ 9,000,000,000, accounting for 34.5 percent of the global herbal market, the average annual growth rate of 6% to 7%. According to statistics, more than about 60% of European traditional herbal medicine. Plant extracts as raw materials of herbal products in Europe, is more common. The EU market, the fastest growing plant extracts into three categories: First, the preventive effect of health products, such as garlic, ginseng; recognized by the medical institutions of the old products, such as the treatment of insomnia and the mentally disordered; found a new treatment of the role of old products, such as evening primrose oil and extract of Ginkgo biloba. European governments and academia, plant extracts, a positive attitude towards research on herbal and traditional medicines in the herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba has been widely welcomed. Plant extracts as the production of herbal products chia seed in a semi-substitutability of their products. Extract the quality or production companies do not meet the standard or difficult to meet the standards, herbal medicine production enterprises usually take turn to imports of medicinal self-extracted to ensure product quality and reduce costs. In this respect the most typical example is the export of ginkgo biloba extract. Main Ginkgo biloba extract on the world standard for EPG246, G328 and G320, the quality of China’s production of ginkgo biloba extract is not stable enough, or up to standard requirements, as well as most of the enterprises through the EU GMP certification and European COS certification (i.e., raw materials meet the certification standards of the European Pharmacopoeia), and its products can not be used as pharmaceutical raw materials within the EU, France and Germany ginkgo biloba extract, pharmaceutical companies have turned to import a large number of Ginkgo biloba extract their own . In the EU, the production of herbal has certain local characteristics. The extract of Chinese enterprises may not be the one that EU herbal companies need. Medicinal species or plant resources in China are the EU companies need. May Chinese companies have not developed them for technical reasons. So Chinese extract enterprises should be in close contact with the herbal medicine production enterprises or agency of the EU local. So it can get timely access to market information and has a focused selection on extract items. Source:..cospcn.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: