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Europe’s favorite Southeast Asian countries, in Kunming to take a bus to be able to – Sohu travel so many countries in Southeast Asia, Laos should be regarded as a special one. No India as significant national characteristics, but the twists and turns of the historical achievements of cultural diversity, Buddhist temples and French buildings everywhere, interactive integration; no Vietnam as literary petty romantic, but lazy ordinary life but it is unforgettable, after half a month can only linger to rural life, unwilling to leave; not like Thailand luxury high island, but there are interesting experience activities such as tire drifting, can let you play once there will be endless thrill…… When Thailand, Indonesia and other countries are occupied by Chinese tourists, Laos has become the most popular European countries in Southeast asia. But in fact, from the domestic departure to Laos is a very easy thing to do, in Kunming on the bus to drive in the past, or no problem, and Laos consumption is very low, can not ¥ 3000 luxury travel for half a month! DAY 1-3 DAY 4-7 schedule Vientiane Wanrong DAY 8-12 Luang Prabang DAY 13-19 Meng Weicun Vientiane looking for the development of modernization, the 1 hot open roaming in the rural capital of Vientiane, listen to this name with an elephant from rushing past the village scene, but the reality was not much contact with the elephant, but is the result of transliteration chinese! In the local language, "Vientiane" is the meaning of "the castle of ebony". It is said that before the growth of a large number of sandalwood near vientiane. But if you hear people call here as "Vientiane", you don’t be confused, "forever" is the city’s meaning, "Jen" is the temple, together for the "temple buildings of the city". Laos throughout the national geographic distribution is like a change the shape of the sole, Vientiane is located in the edge of the river on the heel, with Thailand, has created a record of the capital, the nearest other countries. Vientiane temples like most visitors, a little notice appeared in Vientiane street, do not look carefully even Miss Temple, but if you walk in the cave will be found. The temple in Vientiane, always can give people the space to think, although the road car water Malone, summer is close to 40 degrees, but once you walk into the little small temple, you seem to mind instantly and the sounds of the world. At the moment the simple life is the life of the home, met the foreign tourists and the monks in the temple of the dialogue, to understand that the mastery of a foreign language is very essential for the local! The roadside stalls, a great choice always try to local features, but the hot weather, let you rely on air conditioning beyond the taste buds, regardless of how the restaurant food is difficult to swallow, you are not an open-air stalls, unless it is in the evening or night. 2, the magnificent temple and a poor school to visit Laos a reporter asked "why government officials in Laos temples magnificent, can the school is always dilapidated?)相关的主题文章: