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Advertising Home theaters are be.ing more popular every day as home-owners convert ordinary rooms into beautiful and relaxing home theaters. Due to a great deal of technological progress, home theaters have be.e affordable for many more home-owners than in the past, and this has given a huge boost to the sales of home theater systems. But purchasing and installation are altogether tasks. Technical know-how is very important to successful home theater installation. Some important installation factors are discussed below. Selection of the room: The first step towards building a home theater is to select the ‘right’ kind of room. The architecture of the room should be similar to that of a movie theater. It should ideally be a rectangular room and it should give the feel of an enclosed space. It should have a carpeted floor and the walls should be covered with curtains. Both the curtains and the carpet will silence all the echoes and will help with the surround sound experience. Position of the TV: The television should be placed in such a position that it can be viewed easily. There should be a .fort level with no viewers having to exert effort to see the screen. Ideally it should be placed in the center of the back wall of the room. Speakers: A central position speaker should be located so the sound is evenly distributed across the room. The rear speakers should be mounted at a similar height and should ideally be placed at equal distances from each other. Sub-woofers: To get the desired rumbling effect, the sub-woofers which emit low frequencies should ideally be placed on the floor, against the wall. Lighting: Lighting plays an important part in home theater installation. You can easily block the light .ing from outside by putting up curtains. But .plete darkness can also put strain on the eyes from the contrast of the light of the screen. Automatic dimmers can be installed to get the perfect theater-like experience at your home. Professionals are acquainted with all these factors and if you want a perfect home theater experience you should hire them. If you do an Inter. search for Home Theater Systems Texas or Home Theater Installation Dallas, you will find numerous choices in these areas. They’ll provide you great services at reasonable rates and give you full customer satisfaction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: