Falling into the abyss of the child we are far from precise prevention of juvenile delinquency-onavo protect

Fall into the abyss of the child: we are from the prevention of juvenile delinquency is accurate way far – the new network return a little bit close to the door, the door open a little bit of sin. Parents divorced, "black", when the identity of arson due to the age of 14 is not punish — on the hill (a pseudonym) in life, risk factors gradually gather into clusters of fire, eventually ejecting terrible flames, swallowed his future. Because of the long-term work in the location of the hotel proprietress jealousy, to receive online shopping. In the evening, just over 14 years old near Hill will kill the boss cruel. In criminology, the problem of juvenile is defined as "the implementation of deviance, illegal and even criminal behavior of minors". The hills are more or less overlapping with thousands of questions about the growth of young people. At this moment, they walked alone on campus, or overnight to indulge in the network game, or are within the prison walls have contrite ignorance. What kind of face is this? How to carry out effective prevention, education and correction? The first national issue held in Shandong recently in Yantai youth education correction management seminar, more and more legal experts, judicial staff and workers in youth affairs deplored aside out: save the youth issues, went to the children back to the edge of the crime! Children fall into the abyss of work for 30 years, Wang Changzheng, deputy director of the juvenile correctional institution in Shandong has contacted tens of thousands of minor offenders. In his impression, "these children psychological vulnerability, blindness and repetition", and even many of them have juvenile offenders will just challenge to battle and Wang Changzheng "". "Crime is a child, but it means that society, families, schools have failed to educate and protect them." Wang Changzheng said. From the beginning of 2009, Chinese study of prevention of juvenile delinquency will every two years to organize personnel to the juvenile correctional facilities, schools to carry out minor crime investigation. 2016 national criminal investigation of minors in July this year to start. The study of juvenile delinquency prevention China party secretary Cao Xuecheng has led to more than a dozen provinces of the juvenile correctional facilities to carry out a sample survey questionnaire, face-to-face interview of juvenile offenders. I dropped out of school, began to contact some of the community’s friends, at first, sometimes do not go home, then I did not live at home." In a juvenile correctional facilities, 20 year old Xiao Yu (a pseudonym) recalls after dropping out of life and say, "the Internet, singing, playing games, friends fight, is to spend time with friends, feel very happy together, nobody, the source of the light of heart from care, life is a fight income, some friends of money between friends, who will take out some money, we spent together." School 3 years later, in 2011, only 15 years old youth because of buddy loyalty in the group (20 people) fights, intentional injury causing death, was identified as the crime of intentional injury, sentenced to imprisonment for 7 years. "Special regret." In the interview, Xiaoyu said slowly, "I hope their partners do not deal with problems like rash act like me, to listen to their parents at home.相关的主题文章: