Fans Li Keqiang Badminton basketball table tennis have dabbled-kimi wo omou melodi

"Fans" Li Keqiang: Badminton basketball table tennis has dabbled in September 23rd local time, Montreal’s prime minister Li Keqiang visited Canada in Canada, accompanied by Prime Minister Trudeau, a visit to the local Canadian ice hockey team, awarded the jersey with his name. During the period, he and Trudeau kick off ice hockey team. 21 pm local time, Li Keqiang and his wife Cheng Hong arrived in Ottawa by special plane, began to maple leaf country Canada Official visit. This is the first time in 13 years, the Chinese premier to visit canada. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) according to public reports found that Li Keqiang is hundred-percent "fans", badminton, basketball, table tennis has covered "". He was in Beijing during the 08 years of the Olympic Games to watch the Chinese table tennis game, and even last year on his way to visit, he did not forget to watch the Champions League final live. Li Keqiang and the Prime Minister for the ice hockey team kick-off "government affairs" noted that Canada is visiting Li Keqiang, arrived in 23 and the second largest city of Montreal. In the morning, Li Keqiang and Trudeau came to the Montreal Canadiens hockey team home court, can accommodate 25 thousand spectators to watch the Baer center, the local Chinese youth hockey game, and in the best of spirits for the small players. Ice hockey is Canada’s ball, "Canadian" team was founded in 1909, is a veteran. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) to see pictures from the scene, arrived at the scene, dressed in a black suit, Li Keqiang and Trudeau, will receive a "Canadian" jersey. They put on a red shirt in the locker room and took a picture with the former hockey players. "Politics" noted that Li Keqiang will receive this shirt printed with his name, the main color is red, back and arms at the printed with a big "1". Trudeau’s shirt is also "1" number. After entering the stadium, Li Keqiang and Trudeau walked the red carpet into the stadium, Li Keqiang and the "equipment" and Chinese small players shook hands, he smiled to small players waving hello, and Trudeau and the players were clapping. Two men and women dressed in red and White Jerseys, respectively, in front of the prime minister to demonstrate the two ice hockey. Later, Li Keqiang and Trudeau wearing shoes on the ice stadium, holding hands and laughing together swing clubs, for small players. Hear the presiding Secretary of the Council for trade with general Gao Shiru in the introduction to him, to add "supporters" Canadian "ice hockey team title, Li Keqiang smiled and replied:" I don’t think I just supporters, is the honorary member of Montreal ‘Canada’ ice hockey team." The audience burst into applause. According to local media reports, the field of 30 Chinese small players have men and women, aged from 6 to 14 years old. They come from a number of teams in the Montreal area, the formation of the show, there are 4 Canadian team retired athletes. 3 of them had visited China in January this year. While watching the game, Li Keqiang and Trudeau are for the small players 7相关的主题文章: