Farewell to Heihe smelly river water quality of Jinhua all types of water above.-ravbin

Bid farewell to Heihe smelly river, Jinhua all dry water quality class III water above, January to September this year, Jinhua City, 11 state-controlled sections, 16 provincial control section, 10 outbound sections, 20 counties cross section, 8 drinking water source water quality monitoring section, to achieve the 100% standard. The water quality of all the main rivers in the city reached more than Class III water, and 90% of the 365 tributaries were of class III or above. According to the swimming water area must be more than Class III water standards, basic realization of swimming. The surface water section of Jinhua was 1/3 of the whole city. In the past 3 years, Jinhua achieved a year off black odor, water quality, two years three years can swim for two consecutive years won "Da Yu Ding", both won by "turnaround", and realize the rapid development of economy. Jinhua city flood control office responsible person said: "our secret is hold on the mechanism of flood control, promote, promote the United States to rule to rule." Water control is a systematic project. In order to achieve long-term stability, it is necessary to establish a long-term mechanism and design a more scientific and sound flood control system. The first water pollution prevention regulations of Jinhua city has entered the legislative process; the innovation of "one river and two long" and "a three whistle" mechanism, let the long river flood control information, normalization; the first implementation of the whole basin water quality assessment incentive compensation mechanism in the province to flood downstream linkage data and specific introduction of sewage; the "Jinhua standard", the sewage treatment plant effluent ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus requirements increase, reached the class III water standard and strict control of pollution emissions, two sewage treatment plant wastewater. Adhere to the "governance to promote the transformation", from the source "pollution control", free resources to promote transformation. Jinhua city shut down the elimination of "small small scattered" enterprises (workshops) more than twenty thousand, shutting down the relocation of livestock and poultry farms 1.4, 2803 new rural sewage treatment villages, garbage classification reduction covering 145 villages and towns. After the iron hand rectification, Jinhua vigorously develop the information economy, advanced equipment manufacturing, health, biomedicine, film and television culture, fashion, leisure and tourism services, such as five hundred billion industry. By shutting down polluting enterprises and eliminating backward industries, Dongyang has made up more than 8300 mu of development space, and has developed the cultural industry in all fields. Adhere to the "governance to promote the United States", from the process of "pollution interception", "clean up the terminal", to beautify the purification. Jinhua new town sewage pipe network 1169.9 kilometers, to achieve rain and sewage diversion; new sewage treatment capacity of 298 thousand tons per day. At the same time, Jinhua counties (cities, districts) for local policy, beautify the countryside, retain nostalgia. Such as Yongkang construction of nearly 5000 "corner pieces", "Pujiang dress up the streets and lanes; let them," flower diffuse Pujiang "launched in Panan; new countryside revolution, improve farmer quality, effectively improve the environment.

告别黑河臭河 金华所有干流水质达Ⅲ类水以上今年1月至9月,金华全市11个国控断面、16个省控断面、10个出境断面、20个县市交接断面、8个饮用水源地水质监测断面,实现了100%达标。全市所有干流水质达到Ⅲ类水以上,365条支流中Ⅲ类以上水质的占90%。按照可游泳水域须Ⅲ类水以上的标准,基本实现可游泳。金华市地表水断面劣Ⅴ类曾占全市三分之一。短短3年间,金华实现一年灭黑臭、两年提水质、三年可游泳,连续两年捧回“大禹鼎”,既打赢了治水“翻身仗”,又实现经济快速发展。金华市治水办负责人说:“我们的秘诀,就是抓牢机制治水,坚持以治促转、以治促美。”治水是系统工程,要实现长治久安,必须建立长效机制,设计更科学、健全的治水制度。金华市首个水污染防治条例已进入人大立法程序;创新“一河两长”“一口三哨”机制,让河长治水实现信息化、常态化;率先在全省实行全流域水质考核奖惩补偿机制,让上下游联动治水数据化、具体化;推出污水处理的“金华标准”,把污水处理厂外排废水氨氮、总磷指标要求提高,达到Ⅲ类水标准再排放,严控污水处理厂废水的二次污染。坚持“以治促转”,从源头“控污”,腾出资源促转型。金华全市关停淘汰“低小散”企业(作坊)两万余家,关停搬迁畜禽养殖场1.4万家,新增农村生活污水治理村2803个,垃圾分类减量覆盖145个乡镇。铁腕整治后,金华大力发展信息经济、先进装备制造、健康生物医药、影视文化时尚、休闲旅游服务等五大千亿产业。东阳通过关停污染企业、淘汰落后行业,腾出了8300多亩发展空间,全域化发展文化产业。坚持“以治促美”,从过程“截污”、终端“清污”,以净化促美化。金华全市新建城镇污水管网1169.9公里,实现雨污分流;新增日污水处理能力29.8万吨。与此同时,金华各县(市、区)因地施策,美化乡村,留住乡愁。如永康建设了近5000个“街角小品”,扮靓街头巷尾;浦江撒下花籽,让“花漫浦江”;磐安掀起新农村乡风革命,提升农民素养等,有力地改善了环境。相关的主题文章: