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"Front 3" Nicholas Tse cook by his father Xie Xian Tucao: not good Xie Xian boast son Zuanmuquhuo Michelle Yeoh tears _ copy of Sina entertainment news Zhejiang TV film "delicacy variety twelve Feng taste 3" second night in Zhejiang satellite TV broadcast, "Xianv" Michelle Yeoh was Nicholas Tse led the original cooking experience Africa stamp netizens to tears bursting point Xie Xian, the mysterious appearance allows the program adds a touch of warmth. We adhere to the injury healed to join his son Xie Xian the expression of feelings is very proud of her, love in the hearts of Tucao is put in the mouth to be brave and so many friends have said "don’t be impatient, this, we all put your mind through!" Michelle Yeoh is the original African quest cooking smoked to heat tears Hsu Chi gave the first show last week after marriage is not scattered, "a generation of women play" Michelle Yeoh and Nicholas Tse gave his first variety show. In a bitter and tired of the trip to Africa, Michelle Yeoh did not make the TV viewers disappointed: the case of African lion Linweibuju, see the minute to tame wild rhino. However, such a gentle and powerful vitality woman eventually defeated in cooking. In the primitive tribes in Africa in Kenya, Michelle Yeoh and Nicholas Tse together to Zuanmuquhuo the oldest method. However, despite Michelle Yeoh worn hands, a small fire is refusing to flee head, angered many in the audience were extremely impatient "why haven’t fired!" Michelle Yeoh also joked about only hard problem." Finally made a fire, shouting, "we can finally eat!" Michelle Yeoh soon discovered that he could not stand the cooking smoke. When the kids are sweet popcorn chef Xie excited, only Michelle Yeoh, wiping his eyes wipe tears, be bursting point stamp users have bad taste "pictures, this is probably the only thing I can see a woman cry." Face to face criticism behind praise Xie Xian revealed another father and son although just spent 80 birthday, Xie Xian is ABS style remains the same, as the front restaurant mystery guest he will play the Mani, Michelle Yeoh shouted "handsome kiss" treatment, to join his son but a second to steal the spotlight he is carrying is: do not take the unusual way also, do not show unusual father and son. When Nicholas Tse in front of her, Michelle Yeoh Xie Xian asked the food taste better, Xie Xian directly put down three words "not delicious." Michelle Yeoh then let him eat, he swallowed the side side who said "eat more delicacy!" However, such as Xie Xian and Nicholas Tse into the kitchen, ready to boast son himself in the mood. He could not help but reveal to the diners, the son of the cooking is purely self learning, suddenly can do so many dishes, I do not know! When he was young, he brought 20 friends to his mother’s home for a meal of 12 hours." The pride of words is hard to hide. When Nicholas Tse was in the kitchen when faced with a problem, he urged fans to sing in a sneaky way diners with "love because of love" to the son of encouragement, love it shows between the lines – and then, probably because Like father,like son., Nicholas Tse responded to the song "love because of love" the way I saw him while still playfully. The mouth is difficult to hide the smile, said "interference in.相关的主题文章: