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Do you want your small business web sites regularly visited? Also attract tons of new visitors, who can get converted into customers? Then its time for Search Engine Optimization. At top most, SEO involves in finding the keywords. Your potential customers can use these keywords to find out the types of products and services you sell; adding those keywords to your sites pages; and building a network of links pointing to the pages on your site, among other things can be done. The following free SEO tools can help draw targeted traffic to your Web site content. Ranking Checker: This is an interesting SEO tool, which allows you to check your rankings for up to 5 keywords per day for free and it keeps an archive for you. All you need to do is just sign up for a free SEOmoz account. The coolest part in Ranking Checker is that you are able to download your archived rankings as CSV. As you install the browser button it will automatically copy the URL of the page that you are visiting into the tool for a fast ranking check. Since this free tool can handle up to 5 keywords daily, you can check approximately 150 keywords monthly. Interesting right? Fiddler Web Debugging: Most of us dont like or hesitate to buy a debugging tool, for Charles debugging tool because it costs more. But this tool Fiddler does the same, & it is for free. Currently its available only for Windows and it needs the .NET framework that you can download from their web site as well. The most advantage of this tool is, it has got the capacity to analyze all the background .munication that goes on between the browser and the servers. Well if you are looking for a tool that wont freeze your browser then Fiddler can be.e handy. Professional SEOs absolutely need a web debugging tool like this in their toolbox. Multi Rank Checker: If youre a business man, then its dam sure that you are interested in checking the Google Page Rank and the Alexa Ranking for one of your clients and also to do the same for 5-10 of your .petitors also. In this case you have got two options: *Go it the manual way and gather the information one by one, or *Just dump the 10 domain names into the MultiRank Checker and copy/paste the results table. A personal suggestion is that this tool, checks in bulk and saves a bit of time more for us. Firefox with the Web Developer Extension: Firefox itself is one of the most flexible browsers available. Also when you pair it with the Web Developer extension Firefox be.es a useful SEO tool. The nicest part of the extension is that you can add your own SEO tools to the menu in online or in the desktop. With this tool you can easily remove the cascading styles like inline, external or both, you can also take a fast glance at all the external links in a page, or you can remove all the JavaScript .ponents at once just to name a few of its features. GeoTargeting Detection Tool: This tool is used for tracking. It helps you determine if you have optimized a site for country-specific search engines. SEO can be valuable for many industries if applying local or geographic optimization. Isnt it a nice tool! Google AdWords Keyword Tool: This Googles free tool is designed for marketers, who want to find the best keywords for their Google AdWords campaigns. But its extremely useful for organic i.e. unpaid SEO efforts. It gives you a sense of how often people use a *Particular keyword, or *Variations of it, in Google searches. Also it shows you how much .petitive a keyword can be ranked, highly for it in Google search queries. This tool is simple to use. Type a keyword or phrase you want to research, and Google will show you several stats by default: WordPress: Search engines love blogs, so if you arent currently blogging, give it a try. WordPress is widely seen as the best blogging platform. Google Analytics: If you havent set up a Google account, then add Google Analytics tracking code to your site or blog. Its a fantastic tool for learning about what attracts visitors to your site including the keywords used to find it as well as where visitors .e from, how many pages they typically visit on your site, how long they stay on your site and tons more & more. With Google Analytics, you can do the following *Set goals to measure how your site is meeting business objectives, *View multiple Google Analytics accounts in one dashboard, *Export information in PDF, XML, CSV, CSV for Excel, and TSV formats, *Share your analytics info with others. The list of things you can do using Google Analytics goes on and on. Google Insights for Search: While Google AdWords Keyword Tool shows you the volume of searches conducted using specific keywords, Google Insights for Search gives you a sense of the trends in keyword usage. You can .pare search volume across chosen time periods, geographic areas, categories and a lot more. Google Insights for Search will show you the keywords that are rising in popularity. This information can help you target the best keywords for new site content, such as blog posts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: