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UnCategorized In order to keep burglars from targeting your home, there are plenty of things you can do. Obviously one approach is to install a burglar alarm with all kinds of fancy equipment, but for some, the budget just will not allow for anything like that. How about some home security tips that you can do yourself, for little money? The number one home security tip is to put up signs of various kinds. You could find stickers from any security companies and put those on your windows. Other functional signs include "Beware of Dog," or "Smile! You are on camera." The reason these kinds of obvious signs work is because burglars are looking for easy targets. You make your home a far more difficult looking target if you use these signs. How about that for a cheap home security deal? Another important, yet common sense, home security tip is to keep track of your keys. Do not hide one outside; burglars know all of the places you might use. If you are worried that you will lock yourself out of your home, get a biometric lock or get help from a very trusted neighbor. Additionally, if you move into a rental, get permission to install new locks. Do this because you do not know how many copies of the keys to your home are out there and who has them. A home security tip that goes hand in hand with key control is to always lock doors and windows. No matter where you live, take the extra moment to lock your door behind you. The fourth home security tip is to use good lighting strategies. This requires some special equipment, but said equipment is not very expensive and can easily be installed on your own. First, you want to reduce shadows near your exterior walls. So get some good exterior lights and have them turn on when night falls. Incidentally, some good burglar alarms include this type of lighting. Next, it can be a good idea to have your interior lights on a timer. If the lights in your home go on and off at regular times, a burglar casing the area will not know, you are traveling when you are on vacation. The final home security tip is to look into a good burglar alarm. Take some time to compare security companies so that you can find a good home security deal. As you compare security companies, you want to look at more than price. You want to study the type of equipment each burglar alarm uses. You will also want to find a home security deal that includes 24 hour monitoring. There are plenty of good companies out there that offer great burglar alarms. All the same, taking the time to compare security companies will help you rest more at ease at the same time that you get a good home security deal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: