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Business The price of oil is currently at an all time high of over $130 a barrel. The price of oil is forested to even go higher. This makes the price of jet fuel very expensive for the major airlines. In order to cover their costs, the airlines pass on the cost of the jet fuel to their passengers. However, in today’s economy you can actually fly for free. The airline reward programs have been around for decades. Airline passengers should use them to their advantage to fly free. The reward programs are very .petitive. There are may ways you can receive airline rewards. Three of the easiest ways are flying with the airline, signing up for an airline credit card and spending money with the airline credit card. You can receive rewards from air travel. Many flights involve stop overs in other cities. The stop over can be a hassle. But you usually receive more frequent flier miles than if you flew the direct route. You can receive frequent flier miles for signing up for the airlines co-branded credit card. Some of the airlines that are offering reward programs for their credit cards are American Airlines, Delta Continental, and Southwest Airlines and several others. American Airlines is currently offering 25,000 miles as a bonus for signing up for their credit card. Delta Airlines is offering a bonus of up to 17,500 when you sign up for their credit card. I signed up for a Delta Airlines card at a website called Credit Card Application. I filled out a simple credit application. It did not take me long to fill out this application. I received an answer for my application in less than a minute. I was approved for a credit card. Southwest Airlines does not use a mileage system for their rewards’ program. Southwest Airlines uses a point system. They give you 8 points for signing up for a credit card. Continental Airlines is currently given 20,000 miles for signing up for their credit card. For most airlines that use miles for their reward system you can receive free air fare for a round trip ticket in the 48 contiguous states when you receive 25.000 miles. You can receive free round trip ticket with Southwest Airlines when you reach 16 points. The airline credit cards usually have an annual fee. However, most of them will waive the annual fee the first year. Also to receive the sign up bonus miles you usually need to make a purchase with the airline credit card. Each airline has a different amount you need to spend or a different number of purchases you need to make. You can also receive frequent flier miles when you make purchases with your airline credit card. You should try to put all your bill payments on your airline credit card. Most people have expenses of at least $1,800 per month. If you put all of the expenses on a an airline’s credit card, that would equal 21,60 annual frequent flier miles. You could also put expenditures for the rest of your discretionary in.e on your airline credit card. You can easily earn a free ticket annually by putting your airline credit card to use. You can put all your expenses on your airline credit card if you are a business owner. You could possibly receive several airline tickets in a year if you do this. For the majority of the airline credit cards you will receive 1 mile for every dollar you spend. However, Southwest Airlines is an airline that uses the point system,. You will receive 1 point for every $1,200 you spend. The airlines want your business. You should always take advantage of the airline reward program. Travel can be expensive. The air fare is you usually one of the largest travel costs. However, this cost can be eliminated if you take advantage of airline frequent flier programs. Sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch. The airlines are willing to give you a free lunch. You can fly for free if you take advantage of airline reward programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: