Ford warning warning warning of the impact of the crash and then supplementary reshacker

Ford (Ford Motor) on November 2016 announced that it would add a new generation of new features in the driver assistance system in addition to the new technology. The company plans within the next two years the production car is equipped with a variety of new features, such as on the brakes too late to avoid collision with auxiliary collision as the operation of the steering function, to avoid turning retrograde in a high-speed road and a one-way street in the parking lot, automatic steering function, warning function, and with reverse warning the function of automatic brake (Rear Traffic Alert) function. The company will increase investment in the development of the driver assistance system to 3 times, the additional function is part of the results. The new technology, "Evasive steering assist" in the automatic brake can not avoid collisions by auxiliary steering wheel to avoid collision. When the vehicle is moving on or off the city, an emergency automatic braking operation will be carried out when the vehicle is moving at a low speed. In the case of turning and poor predictability of the braking distance is very short, and sometimes only rely on automatic braking can not avoid collision. At this time Evasive steering assist can be used to avoid obstacles to the steering wheel to provide assistance. The system uses radar and camera to detect obstacles around the existence of sufficient space to avoid collision, when the driver to take evasive action will start. "Wrong-way alert" retrograde warning function according to the installation before the window of the camera and navigation information to identify the identity and prohibited from entering the lane, when the vehicle retrograde will pass the warning display and warning tone to inform the driver. "Enhanced active assist Park" can be used in the parking spaces and parking spaces to identify parking spaces, press the button will automatically implement the gear selection, steering, throttle and brakes to complete the operation of parking. "Cross-traffic alert with braking" in reversing out of the parking lot, the use of radar and camera detection near the vehicles and pedestrians, to warn the driver at the same time, when the driver does not respond to warnings of automatic brake operation. The wide angle camera can provide the same function as the front wide-angle camera. It can display a wide range of vision in the rear of the vehicle display. In addition, the development of other new features such as Ford is still in the night with infrared camera found pedestrians, bicycle and animal by spotlights to inform the driver of potentially dangerous "Spot lighting", with the camera to identify the crossroads and ring road crossing logo and expand headlight illumination angle of advanced headlight system, in the slow moving traffic jam when maintain Lane steering wheel operation, and at the same time with the front of the vehicle to maintain distance automatic implementation of accelerator and brake operation "Traffic Jam Assist".相关的主题文章: