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"Forensic Qin Ming" heavy taste: do not dare to eat delicious food is expected to lose weight – Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Yan recently, a network drama "forensic Qin Ming" fire. On that night, the show had exceeded 5 million hits in the Sohu, 24 hours to break million video barrage to the screen once. The play adapted from Qin Ming literary works of "Eleventh fingers", start the story with forensic Qin Ming perspective, about the combination of gold and forensic assistant Li Dabao, Interpol team captain Lin Tao composed of breaking story cases. Because it is a forensic theme, the story and the scene will inevitably be some heavy taste, netizens are basically consistent with the evaluation of this drama: what do not dare to eat, weight loss effect properly……" A is expected to finish this play to lose weight for "forensic Qin Ming", many people only see the first few episodes quit a lot of food, chicken, potato chips, abandoned abandoned abandoned abandoned abandoned gravy, fried chicken, rice, chicken skin cracklings abandoned…… Even starring Jiao Junyan have said that she and two men starred in the group had just entered a period of time there is no appetite, his family’s ribs soup and so on are afraid to drink. For example, the first episode begins with the police in the street got a chicken like appearance and unidentified objects in the drainage oil. Forensic Qin Ming, properly pointed out that this is likely to be the female palm in the shape of convulsion after high temperature. Then, he was in command of all the "sea fishing in the swill bucket". Post-mortem, Qin Ming also explained the source of waste oil, such as the extraction of oil floating in the sewer…… In this regard, many netizens said then and spicy, Hot pot to say goodbye. Only two sets, makers have succeeded in solving out fried, boiled food lovers appetites. Especially recently updated the two set, Qin Ming unlock new way of eating lobster, crayfish wear medical gloves, with a scalpel "poker-faced autopsy anatomy", which allows users to have a famous dish in the heart of fear. Please give B simple props with a drumstick although there are many users Tucao plot holes of the play and judgment process, but still praise the majority, watercress score at 7.4 minutes. Director Xu Ang said that he had consulted the original author Qin Ming expectations of network drama, Qin Ming said: "I hope the forensic scientists see this drama, drama that did not unworthy of this occupation." It was simple to say, but it was heavy in Xu Ang. To this end, in the filming process, Xu Ang and props group did not spend less time, trying to restore the height of the story and scenes. Although compared with American criminal drama classic "CSI" and medical works "doctor Moorhouse", "Grey’s Anatomy", there are still gaps, but as the domestic drama, "forensic Qin Ming is" stand amplification and 360 degree close-up books. In addition, the group’s conscience is also reflected in the scene. The first is the overall layout of the dissecting room, with an air of importance can see different forensic, special tools, a sense of reality. In addition, the details of the sewage treatment is also in place. The rusty bucket, floating on the water of straw, especially oil floating in the water, people saw seething bumps. As for the blood, it is not said to follow.相关的主题文章: