Free Birth Chart For Leo Husband By World Famous

Religion Leonians, despite their generosity and royal nature, are deprived of a real and enjoyable married life for one reason or another in later life. Being fiery they have intense love and sincerity towards their partner but they rarely get a sportive and jolly partner. They are influenced by the opposite sex. Persons with Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra enjoy married life in the real in the sence whereas with Uttar Phalguni it is not so. They are dominating and imposing. Leo husbands are exciting and attractive to other ladies. If his wife understands him and agrees with him, then she will be liked, admired and loved. He cannot tolerate ill repute. Passionate, of loving nature rash in temperament, ambitious, generous, warm-hearted and magnanimous. Very independent views, practical nature, constructive, active, bold and a true friend. A Leo is sexy, and will not accept superficial love. He wants to live in style and wants you to live elegantly. Intellectual, of majestic appearance, .manding and dignified. It is hard to stand in front of Lion-Leo. Do not find faults with him. By nature, he is totally loyal and sincere. If love is missing from his life, he will simply pine away. You must walk with him in dignity and with jealous in romance, he cannot tolerate sharing your bed with your husband if he is your paramour or friend. Suspicious, he cannot tolerate your absence from home. To call him a flirt is your biggest folly. So he must get respect and confidence from you, otherwise you may lose him. What Girl should do It is my advice to you ladies, that once you just win his heart with sincerity, not with selfish motive, then enjoy with him, he is so ardent that he will leave everybody, even his family members for you, forgo .forts for your security. This is his secret of life. If your relations are deep and sincere then he will protect you. Loyal and sincere, he is a superb .anizer, whatever he says, he means it. F.iveness and sympathy are his basic traits. Extravagant, gastric, ulcer, accidents to arms, ankle or legs but will recoup early. He wants first class luxuries all through life and spends freely on fun and pleasures. He is generous with loans to the friends. In case of an emergency, he never shirks his duty. Profession Leos can be best educators, politicians, occupy high positions in Government; of executive ability, managers of big concerns, corporation, director, captain, sales manager, etc. The above mention details of birth chart for Leo Husband is given by world famous astrologer Hemant Sharma ji. He is having thousands of clients and devotees worldwide who take his consultancy. You can contact on +91 9936111075 INDIA for free astrology, online free consultancy, Add Astrologer Hemant Sharma ji [email protected] 相关的主题文章: