Gas cutting drums explode in Ji’nan a man was killed on the

Gas cutting drums explode in Ji’nan a man was killed on the spot yesterday 23 days 17:20, Huaiyin District Wu Jia Bao Dong Zhao Cun, a male tenant cutting drums electric welding at home, cutting the suspected spark ignited the barrel in the residual oil and gas, and then explode, the fatal injury caused by the. The explosion site is located in a north-south alley of the village, 19:30 reporters arrived, the police have blocked the perimeter, surrounded by twenty or thirty villagers. East of the tenants’ house, 3 oil drums were placed in front of the door, and the roof of the oil drums which were blown up were not far away. A man was lying on the ground with a blue frock on his face, and there was no sign of life. The villagers said that lying on the ground was the death of the explosion tenants. Reporters learned that the man surnamed Zhang, Liaocheng High Tang Dynasty, more than 40 years old this year, has two daughters, a family of four in the village housing has been for five or six years. "Men have craftskills, do billboards, with some small welding processing industrial products. His wife runs a hardware store on the side of the road, and the family is very dutiful. The eldest daughter works in the field, the youngest daughter is still in school. A man who works hard, gets up at three or four a.m. every morning and starts to process things." Last year, the man bought a brand-new car, according to people familiar with the situation. At present, the specific cause of the accident remains to be investigated.

气焊切割油桶引发爆炸 济南一男子当场身亡   昨天23日17:20左右,槐荫区吴家堡东赵村内,一男租户在家门口用电气焊切割油桶时,疑切割产生的火星引燃了桶中残留的油气,继而引发爆炸,致其伤重不治。   爆炸现场位于村内一条南北走向的巷子里,19:30记者赶到时,警方已将周边封锁,外围聚集着二三十名村民。租户家门朝东,门前放着3个油桶,不远处还落着被炸得打卷的油桶顶盖。一名男子躺在地上,脸部盖着一件蓝色工装,已经没有生命迹象。村民透露,躺在地上的就是因爆炸死亡的租户。   记者获悉,该男子姓张,是聊城高唐人,今年40多岁,有两个女儿,一家四口在村里租房已经五六年了。“男的有手艺活儿,平常做广告牌,也用气焊加工一些小型工业制品。他老婆在路边经营一家五金店,一家人很本分。大女儿在外地工作,小女儿还在上学。男子干活勤奋,通常每天早晨三四点钟就起床开始加工东西。”一知情居民说,去年,该男子还买了一辆全新轿车。   目前,事故具体原因还有待调查。相关的主题文章: