Golden Week consumer complaints home category lead

Golden Week consumer complaints Home Furnishing category "leader"?? yesterday, learned from the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, during the National Day this year (October 1st -10 7), 12315 of total system handled consumer advice and complaints, report 467, of which 99 consumer complaints, accounting for 21.20% of the total; report 9, accounting for 1.93% of the total 359, consulting, accounting for 76.87% of the total. Staff analysis, compared to the previous two years, the total amount of this year has declined. In addition, the type of consumer complaints also took a new turn in the past as a "disaster area" of the catering accommodation or clothing and shoes this year is no longer popular with buyers and complaints, boom, furniture, decoration materials, household appliances and related products "live" has become a new target". According to statistics, during the National Day this year, the leader of consumer complaints is household goods category, a total of 18, accounting for the proportion of complaints of 18.18%. Followed, and live related renovation of building materials, household appliances, there are 8 complaints, consumer complaints category parallel to the third. These goods from the previous years data, the amount of complaints is not much, this year’s unexpected surge should be associated with some time ago real estate warming, people’s enthusiasm for the purchase of". The staff analysis, the real estate market to promote the sales of Home Furnishing decoration, to a certain extent, sales improve the corresponding consumer complaints will rise. ?? "Furniture" consumer complaints are often focused on: Home Furnishing product delivery models and the purchase of goods, does not match the agreed delivery time has not come, but businesses due to quality problems in the process of replacing the conflict. Similarly, the contradiction between the decoration of building materials products are mainly in the wrong goods, quality problems and the resulting return dispute. In this regard, the staff reminded the public, in the purchase of such goods should first choose a big brand, good reputation of the business to buy. At the same time, to keep the relevant documents in the purchase process, so that the day after the rights. In addition, because Home Furnishing, usually a higher amount of materials commodities, and if there are problems, related to the identification of detection is also more complex, so to remind staff, before the purchase must be treated with caution, reading commodity identification, brochures, product certification and testing reports written materials carefully, can even require businesses to issue the formal business the procedures, nip in the bud. ?? In addition, in view of the possible follow-up "over rights", the staff said, if after the relevant detection was not in conformity with the state quality standards Home Furnishing buy commodities, belong to substandard goods; or consumer fraud after investigation and verification of relevant departments to confirm the consumption process, based on these the situation is, consumers can claim their consumer rights, in accordance with the new "law" to require businesses to retreat one lose three.相关的主题文章: